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Malls Scare Me Sometimes | Street Diaries

Kicking it back and relaxing today because it was too cold to take an extra set of pictures for this week. So, let's just take some iPhone snaps from an outing with my mom the other week and call it a street diary. Kidding, kidding. Well, not really, because that is exactly what these are. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do when winter is in full force and windchill makes it negative degrees outside. 

But also, referring to the title, I'm only being slightly dramatic. Okay, very dramatic, but I don't like malls. Or really, any in-person shopping. Malls especially make me all sorts of freaked out. I think this is mainly because of a few reasons. First thing, there can be so many people at a mall and I have zero patience for people who walk slow and hate feeling crowded in a space. Second thing, I hate disorganization and we've all seen the Zara sale section and the hot mess that a Forever 21 is at all times. Third thing, there is just so much better merchandise online, let's be real. And you can shop in your pajamas online. (I mean, you can do this in real life too, I suppose. Don't let me stop you).

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I will say though, the efficiency of shopping at malls is fantastic. I mean, I can't complain this entire post. That'd be a major bummer. If you go to the right mall, you can get everything you possibly need there (and more, naturally) without having to bounce around stores. Everything is all in one place and you can get Chinese food in the food court for a no doubt delicious lunch. I mean, it's all right there for you. All you have to do is brave the crowds, ignore the people who are mean to retail workers for no reason, and figure out how to comfortably carry around your massive winter coat through the mall because it's way too hot to wear it inside but it was too cold to walk from your parking spot to the entrance of the mall without wearing a jacket.

So, maybe my fear of malls is a personal problem (okay, so not maybe, it definitely is), but sometimes I just like to shop online so I can Google discount codes and somehow manage to get free shipping and some sort of percentage off to make myself feel better about spending money. Also, must I repeat the phrase, "you can shop in your pajamas?"

Sweater: H&M
Jeans: Hudson
Shoes: Nine West
Hat: Epoch
Bag: Saint Laurent


  1. I used to love malls but I get more and more annyoed and impatient there so I shop a lot online meanwhile. It's just more relaxed and time-saving. So I totally feel you!

    1. Yes, it's the impatience too! I don't mind waiting in line or anything, but the actual act of wandering around trying to find a piece is just...exhausting.

  2. BIG MOOD. I genuinely can't remember the last time I went into a store to buy something, especially when it comes to clothes. I know my size, I know my favourite styles and stores to shop at online, and I can sure as hell do it in my pyjamas without having to put in any time and effort into getting ready! The joys of the internet!

    1. MOOOOOD. I shopped a lot at the mall at the end of high school so I could figure out my sizes in different brands. And now I know my sizes and even if I don't, everything I wear is oversized anyways so if it's too big then so be it LMAO. Hellllo online shopping!

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