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The Calm Before the (Snow) Storm

I've never in my life lived somewhere that it didn't snow. I've also never lived somewhere that it doesn't snow a lot. I can also read a calendar (shockingly) and know that we're creeping closer to the end of December. It's technically not winter until the end of the month, but really, it might as well be winter as soon as Thanksgiving is over.

However, the pure horror that came over my face this morning to look at the weather app on my phone to see how next week was going to be was purely comical. You guys, we have some snow in the forecast. Now, Buffalo has already gotten snow so this isn't anything new in Western New York, but it hasn't hit my city yet and honestly...I'm not quite sure that I'm ready for it yet. I'm never ready though, am I? The cold weather sucks, but my biggest concern is driving in snow. I'm bad at it, guys. I'm not the best driver in general, so adding snow into the equation is...not a fun car ride, to say the least.

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Beyond me being upset about having to drive in the snow (like I have since I got my license at 16, this is nothing new), I now realized that my clothing choices are going to suffer now. Again, this is definitely not something new, yet it's something that gets to me emotionally every year. 

Goodbye, backless mules. Goodbye, any boots that aren't snow boots because you will ruin the exterior with the ungodly amount of salt that's on the sidewalks to prevent slipping and to stop the high snowbanks from going into the open portion of your boot and causing your feet to feel like they're going to freeze off. Goodbye, any jacket that isn't woolen with some sort of lining to ensure your limbs stay warm and cozy. Goodbye, not having hat hair because I'll be damned if my ears are going to be red and stinging from the windchill. 

This outfit was my last hurrah before I'm, no doubt, bundling up and dragging my old Ugg boots out of my closet because they're the only pair of shoes that will ensure that I'll have feet by the end of winter. Am I ready to layer three thousand sweaters just to stay warm? I mean, sure, I'm always ready to layer sweaters, but it doesn't mean it's my preferred type of weather. Honestly, I could probably do without the snow but the cold isn't terrible. Or perhaps I'm just used to it at this point, but I'm attributing it to just high cold tolerance.

My parents are probably laughing as they read this because I have, admittedly, been complaining about how cold the house has been lately, but that is most likely due to the fact that I never wear anything warm in the house and it's usually my feet that are cold, something easily solvable by this great invention called socks.

So yes, this is the calm before the snow storm. Or at least I hope it's not a snow storm. It just says snow, I haven't looked too deeply into the forecast and now I feel like I should to avoid wanting to cry my eyes out. But who knows what global warming has done to our statistically horrible winters here...

Top: Rag & Bone (from Cleveland Consignment Shoppe)
Jacket: Zara (from CCS)
Pants: Zara (from CCS)
Shoes: Matisse
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (from CCS)
Sunglasses: Dior

Where do you stand on winter? I always say I don't hate it but give me a few weeks and I'm sure I'll be saying otherwise.


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