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Forever21 Teddy Bear Coat

Not to be dramatic, but my life didn't start until the day I received this coat in the mail. I've been dying for a teddy bear coat in this style for a while, but I was very particular about the color that I wanted. I didn't want a cream or a tan, I wanted a sort of caramel brown shade with a little bit of ginger in it just to spice it up (I don't cook, was that a pun?). I searched high and low and the only one I found in the color that I wanted was $60000 from J.Crew and not in my size. Just kidding, it was really only like $200 or something but in my current financial state, anything over $60 might as well be $60000. I ended up finding this jacket on Poshmark, new with tags, and I can almost assume I did a little dance when it became officially mine.

I assumed that since it was Forever21, it was going to be thin and not all that great for cold weather but still ultimately a cute jacket. Boy, was I wrong. This jacket is actually warm? And thick? And shockingly well made? I'm still really shocked by the quality of this and for sure will bundle myself up this winter in this jacket. And yes, my family does call me Fozzie Bear every time they see me wear it. The Muppets are fashion icons, what can I say?

Filming YouTube Videos

In case you missed it last Saturday, after like five years of thinking about this, I finally uploaded my first ever YouTube video. Since them, I've been trying to unsuccessfully film new content and have failed miserably. But, I'm still having a good time with it! For someone who talks to themselves a lot, sometimes sitting down in front of a camera and not experiencing word vomit is a chore. Then, there's the part where I actually figure out what I want to say and then it all gets jumbled up because I watched Gilmore Girls as a small child and have seemingly mimicked Lorelai and Rory's vernacular.

I digress, this sounds more like I hate filming than I like filming. For someone who genuinely hates the sound of their own voice, I've really surprised myself with how into this whole thing I am. Plus, it's given me something to do, which is always greatly appreciated in the boring abyss of my post-grand, unemployed life.

Spotify Top 100 Songs of 2017

I love Spotify's Wrapped round-ups at the end of each year. This year, I wasn't at all shocked by any of the songs on my top played, besides maybe one or two that I'm still a little baffled by. But I mean, Niall Horan being in both my top artists and songs? Not a surprise, at all. If you want check out what else Spotify told me that I was obsessed with this year, feel free to check out the playlist they made for me.

What have you been loving lately? 

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