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TGIF | Weekly Favorites

Belif The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb
My favorite moisturizer is back in my skincare collection and to say that I'm excited might be an understatement. I switched back to drugstore moisturizers to cut back on money, but the holiday season is the time of year to embrace your spendy side, right? I had a $25 off of $50 coupon for Sephora and had to pick up a gift there, so it seemed only right to tack on my moisturizer to that purchase so I could say a little bit of money. I was missing it a lot, okay?!

All jokes aside, the Belif moisturizer is one of my favorites for a few reasons. One, the scent is so fresh and subtle that I don't feel like I'm being suffocated by the scent of whatever is going around my nose and mouth. Two, the consistency is a mixture of a gel and a cream. It's not too thick where it makes my skin feel heavy and gloopy, but it moisturizes more intensely than a gel moisturizer would do for my skin. Three, it lasts longer than you would think. The tub looking deceivingly small, but it has 1.68 oz that can last you quite a bit of time if you don't slather on layer after layer. A little goes a long way with this one.

Covergirl 3-in-1 + L'Oreal Lumi Foundations
We all know my affinity for the Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous foundation, but a month or so ago, I had a bout of insanely dry skin where I thought this foundation just didn't set right over my skin. I decided to try the L'Oreal TruMatch Lumi Foundation, which as its name says, is obviously an illuminating foundation rather than the matte finish of the Covergirl one. I will admit, I wasn't ever going to mention the Lumi foundation on my blog because I wore it by itself for a long period of time two or so weeks ago and when I got home, I was horrified to find that it broke up all over my face. So, this foundation by itself does not work for me. 

That being said, since I do like a bit of a dewy and glowy finish not that my acne and oily skin has calmed down significantly. So, I started adding a pump or two into my Covergirl foundation to (1) make the color match my skin better and (2) make the foundation a little less matte. What I end up with is a beautiful demi-matte finish that even with my Hourglass setting powder still has some glow and definition to it rather than just a velvety matte finish. Even after a few hours, I still have a glow from my foundation. Mixing foundations is a really fun way to mix and match finishes and get yourself the perfect color. I'd definitely recommend this combination if you need full coverage without a million layers but also want a finish that isn't completely matte.

Glossier Birthday Balm Dotcom

My lips have been chapped as all hell lately, so I had to cave and do what I hate doing: applying chapstick. You would think for somebody who likes lipstick, especially matte finishes and liquid lipsticks, so much, I would be thrilled to use lip balm so my lips are never chapped. False, I hate the feeling of lip balm on my lips. I hate that it can get in my mouth and taste gross. And since I wear it mainly at night, I can't sleep on my stomach if I have it on because the feeling of it getting stuck to my pillow and comforter is so uncomfortable that it's all I can focus on. So, yeah, I don't wear it a lot. 

But, as you might know, it's winter and this is when every single part of my face starts to dry out so dramatically that it's almost comical. My lips at all times could feel like the cracking surface of the hottest desert in the world. However, I'm trying to get better about remembering chapstick and my Glossier Birthday Balm Dotcom is the only one (seriously) I have in my collection, so it's been getting a ton of love from me the past couple of weeks. Do I cringe whenever it gets in my mouth because even if it smells like cake, it doesn't taste like cake? Absolutely. Do I want to wipe it all off o of my lips in my sleep? Yes. But that's a small price to pay for lips that don't feel like they're going to burst open every few seconds because your lips are so raw and dry. Shoutout to Glossier for being the only brand to get me to semi want to wear lip balm. You're the real MVP.

What have you been loving lately?


  1. I've been considering buying the Glossier birthday balm. Glossier's packaging is just the cutest! I'd love to snatch it up in time for the holidays.

    1. It seriously is so, so cute. I love that it's not super goopy or heavy too, but actually works and doesn't just make my lips more dry like some drugstore ones.

    2. I ended up getting a lip balm from Milk Makeup for the holidays. I absolutely love it, but I'd love to try out the Glossier balm after I've finished the Milk Makeup lip balm.

  2. That lip balm part was the most extra I've ever seen you be. I still love you and recommend Clinique's pep start night plumping mask (something like that)(text me for more info)

    1. There's no way that that is the most extra you've seen me be. NO WAY IN HELL!!!! I still don't trust Clinique after multiple products made me break out 😭


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