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Did I Get Into the Holiday Spirit?

The less complicated answer to the question in the title of this blog would be no, I didn't. If you missed the premise for this follow-up post, basically, I told myself that I wanted to be in the Christmas spirit this year. I've been lacking any sort of holly jolly feelings for quite a few years now, but I figured that my first Christmas season fully college free would yield better results than in the past. And, much to my chagrin, it didn't.

Christmas hasn't felt the same since around the end of high school. I couldn't pinpoint the exact moment where I wasn't really into the holiday spirit. I feel like I had a moment where I didn't want to skip underneath the huge decorations at the mall to the Christmas music blaring through the speakers. I have fond memories of doing that even as a teenager, and then it just..stopped, I guess.

Lizzy Hadfield from Shot from the Street just discussed this in her most recent vlog and it really struck a chord with me. This time of year is very over-saturated with holiday content. Hell, even I had my fair share of holiday content this year because I know people like to read it and honestly, it is fun to produce to an extent. All of my social media feeds and subscription box are full of Christmassy content that's meant to be both helpful (like gift guides) and some holiday-themed entertainment. I mean, Vlogmas has essentially turned into how many Christmassy things can we do in twenty or so videos?

It's not that I don't like Christmas. That would be a harsh perspective on the holiday and really, there's nothing wrong with it. I don't want to say there's anything wrong with me, either. Sometimes people just don't mesh with certain things. In a less deep sense, I just don't vibe with Christmas. It's okay!

Is it too early to throw in the towel on getting my Christmas spirit back? The intentions were there, I just didn't execute it very well to end up where I wanted to be. To call it a valiant attempt would be an overstatement, mostly because I didn't work through my own problems to let myself enjoy the holiday. It's easy to get yourself stuck in your rut and honestly, I've made mine pretty damn cozy.

However, this could be the perfect inspiration to feel jollier next year. I feel like this makes it sound like I want to force myself to like Christmas or relive my childhood sense of Christmas nostalgia. I just want to have as much fun around this time of year as everyone else. Is it a FOMO of Christmas spirit? The world may never know. However, I'm living one more year as the Grinch and honestly, I'm not too mad about it. I look dashing in green.


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