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It Hits Me When the Lights Go On | December Playlist

But Francesca, didn't you already share a playlist in December? That is, technically, factual information. But that was a boring old Christmas playlist and this is a boring old Songs I've Been Loving This Month playlist. We all know I can't resist sharing off some of my favorite tunes for the month. I've been jamming out to these too many times to not give them some love on my blog. They must see the light of day outside of my car and my bedroom, even if I still have not yet mastered the art of talking intelligently about music.

I've gone on another SZA kick. I was on a kick with her music back in October, I believe, and then it reignited after she was on Saturday Night Live. I find her music oddly relaxing. I just sort of want to sway to it and her album Ctrl has been fantastic background music lately. Which might sound like an insult, but honestly, sometimes I find music distracting when I don't want it to be, so it's an impressive feat to create non-distracting music.

Kelly Clarkson also has a few spots on this playlist, mostly due to the fact that she was recently on the season finale of The Voice and performed her new single "Medicine" which reminded me of her other single "Love So Soft" which even further reminded me that she has a new album out that I need to listen to. I went down the Kelly Clarkson rabbit hole, which is not a bad rabbit hole to be down.

Of course, there's a cheeky little Carly Rae Jepsen song on here because CRJ is our Canadian pop princess. Honestly, I've already raved about her in a whole post dedicated to her music on my blog, so really, this shouldn't be any surprise. Also inspired by the season finale of The Voice, N.E.R.D.'s "Hot-N-Fun" has been a fan favorite this month. Granted, they performed "Lemon" on the finale, I felt spiritually connected to "Hot-N-Fun" and it's sick beat. I will never say sick beat again, I promise.

Unsurprisingly, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson have their spot on this list, along with quite a lot of other random songs courtesy of Spotify Discover. Gotta love variety, am I right?

What did you listen to in December? Holiday music counts too, I suppose... (My favorite Christmas song this year actually was "Maybe This Christmas" by Ron Sexsmith, admittedly). 


  1. Such a good playlist! SZA ruled 2017.


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