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Puss In Boots

I'm a glorified chauffeur. 

That's absolutely a joke, but sometimes it felt like my job was to get paid to drive people around. Babysitting my cousins this summer was less like babysitting and more like driving them to all of their camps and friends' houses and what not. I also legitimately got paid to pick up some musicians from the airport and take them to the venue. So yes, on my Snapchat story, I posted a picture after a particularly early pickup and said someone should provide me with a chauffeur cap. 

So...they did. 

My cousin picked up this hat for me after their family vacation as a joke and at first it was funny until I realized that it was actually really flippin' adorable. Catch me wearing this when I don't feel like washing my hair in the fall.

I've been waiting forever and a year to be able to wear my Charlotte Olympia Puss In Boots boots. They're the sort of fun statement boots that aren't a super statement at all. I mean, they have cat faces on them, sure, but they're also know...light pink velvet or anything. Is there such of a thing as a semi-statement boot? Fashion peeps, let me know.

I've worn this exact outfit plenty of times, minus the hat and the kitty boots. The sweater is from Saks and is the softest cashmere in the entire world. Or at least to me, since I'm not bougie AF and the only reason why I have cashmere is because I bought it on super sale at the consignment store I used to work at.

This lil' suede skirt is a few years old from American Eagle and is the comfiest skirt ever. I love this style, it's super flattering and really easy to style. Plus, the faux suede is uber soft and pairs nicely with a pair of opaque tights.


  1. This look is super cute and preppy! I really love your hat and boots. I definitely need to get these pieces in my closet! :)

    xo, Chloe //

  2. This outfit is so cute and so fall! And can I just say that I love your new blog theme?!


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