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Autumn Leaves Falling Down Like Pieces Into Place

 I can explain the Taylor Swift lyrics in the title...later. For now, let's talk about these crepes because who doesn't love crepes? Or perhaps I should start with where I was, who I was with, why I was there, and how to deal with awkward questions at the border.

Yesterday, semi-spontaneously I would say (I'm a planner, anything not set in stone weeks in advance is spontaneous to me) ended up in Canada to hang out with Kelsey and Naureen because...why not? I've lived ten minutes from the border my entire life and the only times I've ever been up to Canada have been for concerts, my eighth-grade class trip, and maybe a day or two in Niagara Falls, Ontario. What a waste of living near the border, right? They invited me to come up last week and I figured that yesterday was my day off, I've been dying to go since I got back from Cleveland in was perfect timing.

Since I've never been over the border by myself, I forgot what kind of questions they asked. Everything went well until they asked how I knew them and I sort of thought about it and just said "Blogging? Question mark?" Got a weird look coming in and out of Canada, but hey, it worked.

I ended up picking up Kelsey, then Naureen, and we headed to Don Mills Centre so we could get crepes at Ice N Cake. Coffees were also consumed is king

I always appreciate a nice garden and park, especially when you can still see the cars when you're on the perimeter. A true city park, for sure. Edwards Gardens is a botanical garden in blah blah blah, I genuinely am actually not sure where in the hell we were yesterday. I was just happy to be with friends who let me frolic around the grassy knolls like I was in The Sound of Music, even if they didn't get me accidentally throwing my phone on camera. That was...a situation that didn't end as poorly as it should have. My phone did indeed survive this trip to Canada and did not die in North York.

What better way to chase a trip to the park with a trip to a bookstore. We headed to Indigo next, in which they also kindly let me do a jig in the middle of the fiction section while "Castle On The Hill" played. Wow guys, find you some friends that let you dance in public and not only film you for their Instagram stories, but don't walk away and disassociate with you. All jokes aside, I was very glad to have the guidance of some other avid readers who could lead me in the right direction with books. I picked up a few for my upcoming flights and bus rides because I'm paranoid about losing library books when I travel.

In the midst of the driving to and from the park, Indigo, and an early dinner, too many songs were sang performed. Have you ever screamed "All Too Well" on a Monday sunny afternoon with two of your friends? No? I would highly recommend.

Kelsey was kind enough to take some pictures of my outfit for me. You know those Twitter posts that go something along the lines of "What I mean when I say can you take a photo of me?" and attached is a picture of a camera roll full of multiple shots of the same picture? Yeah, that was my camera roll yesterday and I have never wanted to cry more. THANKS GIRL!

As you can see, I was prepared to spar this tree that I kept accidentally bumping into. I thought it was a bug attacking me, but it never was. Just a tree, doing its thing.

This top is like, two years old from The Wandering Wardrobe. I love that it makes me look like a wavy marshmallow. When I put this outfit on yesterday morning, both my parents and I were very confused by it. We couldn't tell if we liked it or not but decided it was worth wearing regardless. So, alas, I took my Rag & Bone pants out for another spin. Then as per usual, I have on my Steve Madden sneakers, Saint Laurent bag, and a new addition to my wardrobe, these Miu Miu sunglasses. I'm a sucker for some good sunglasses, what can I say?

This is where Kelsey and I bid farewell to Naureen so she could catch her flight. We headed further down south to grab our third coffee of the trip. This place was called Second Cup and another One Direction sing along ensued on the hour or so drive. It was glorious, naturally, as any One Direction sing along would be. It was nice to have another dose of caffeine before I finished the hour drive back to my house after a long day. Probably shouldn't have listened to a load of slow, quiet songs on the way home, but I made it back awake and alive so that's all that matters!

Thanks to Kelsey and Naureen for taking some of these photos. You're the real MVPs.


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