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Millennial Pink Loafers in the Summer

I don't know why it slightly pained me to put the words "millennial pink" in the title of this blog post, but I suffered through the split second of discomfort to continue on with the usual ramblings of every single post on this blog. I don't know when this blush pink shade became millennial pink instead, but you know what, it's all good. It's still the same pretty, pretty pink that I love and adore and want to douse myself in head to toe. I just stuck with the "toe" portion today, choosing to romp around in my new mules/loafers from Marshall's.

I truly blame my mother for the purchase of these shoes. Literally, the last thing I need in my closet is another pair of shoes. I have no room for new shoes and everything in there is awkwardly stacked and it's just a whole mess. However, I spotted these at Marshall's a couple of weeks back and when I asked my mom what she thought about them, she gave them a stamp of approval and once I told her the price (I think somewhere around $15), she insisted that I get them. So, mom, thanks for encouraging my shopping habit. You're never allowed to yell at me for having too many clothes again!

It's rare to see me without my Quay reflective sunglasses. I've come to the conclusion that I actually cannot take outfit photos without a pair of sunglasses on my eyes. I blink and squint and look like my eyes are closed throughout every shot. Seriously. I tested out my theory yesterday and over fifty shots were all ruined by my squinted eyes and pained expression as I tried to keep them open in the sun. Since I don't have an unlimited supply of sunglasses, we'll have to deal with these Quay ones for now.

If I haven't worn these shorts in photos before on the blog, these are my DIY distressed shorts that I made a few summers ago. They are also the only pair of shorts that I currently own, so I should most likely change that...For now, though, they do the job and I love them dearly.

On top, I have an Isabel Marant blouse on that I got a while ago from Cleveland Consignment Shoppe. If you can tell in the photos, it has a really cool large asymmetric pocket in the center of it. There's also a nice button detailing on my left shoulder that goes up into the neckline instead of a standard collared shirt that goes up the center of your chest. It's a fun take on a plain white blouse and perfect to wear on cooler summer days (and works just as nicely in the fall).

I forgot to include blooper shots in the last outfit post, but never fear, they're back today. It's amazing how photogenic I am, isn't it? 



  1. I really can't resist millennial pink I give up I'm addicted lol

    1. I hate color but entirely neutral closet is being tarnished by millennial pink. I'm okay with it though.

  2. Idk what's with the millennial pink thing either, I still call it blush pink hahaha. These are super cute, can't believe they were only $15!

  3. These flats are so cute! I LOVE the pink color! I really had no idea that people started calling it millenial pink loool!!

    xo, Chloe //


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