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Five New Drugstore Products + My First Impressions

As part of my initiative to start purchasing and using more drugstore makeup, I decided to scour the shelves at Target and make some decisions. I picked some products based out of pure curiosity from seeing ads, some because of recommendations, and some that I've just been dying to try for a while.

All five of these collectively cost less than most of my other high-end makeup, which I find extremely hilarious and also is a cause of concern based on how much high-end makeup I have in my collection. Regardless, I said I was going to test out drugstore products that I haven't in the past and I'm sticking to my word. I picked up these products a couple of weeks ago so I could have time to test them out. Granted, I've hardly worn makeup this past couple of weeks so these are still under the "first impressions" category as far as I'm concerned.

Rimmel Stay Matte Transparent Pressed Powder

I used to use this powder forever ago, so it's technically not new to me, but it's been a hot second so we're going to let it fly. I think the last time I used this Rimmel setting powder was sometime in high school a million years ago. I'm so used to using a loose powder that it took some getting used to when it came to this powder. I really liked the way this set my foundation and concealer. I didn't use it under my eyes so I can't say how it worked in that regard, but it kept my face matte for a long period of time without discoloring my foundation or concealer. My only complaint–and this just could be because of my brush–is that the powder gets really chalky and breaks apart when I tap my brush into the pan. I just wish it was a bit more smooth when I tried to get it on my brush without creating that mess, but as I said, it could be my hundred-year-old setting brush.

NYX Microbrow in Espresso

I normally fill in my brows with powder, but I was curious to see how a pencil would look in my brows. I heard this one was similar to the Anastasia Brow Wiz and I'm all about saving money on dupes so I took the plunge. I like this product. I mean, there's not much I can say about something like this. It's pigmented, it stays in place, and it doesn't look like I went in with a crayon. I just don't like the colors, really. I tried the shade Chocolate a month or so ago and it was so light and red-toned that I had to give it away immediately. I thought using my normal shade in everything else would solve this problem, but even Espresso is a little too light and red-toned for me. The next shade (at least at the Target I'm shopping in) is Black and that just seems like I'd be trying to fill my brows with kohl eyeliner. Espresso works fine when I blended it out with the spool brush at the opposite end and apply my Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel in Espresso on top, but yeah, the tone of the colors is my only concern with this guy.

Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink in Dreamer

I am still sorting out how I feel about this product. I've seen the commercials and I've had people tell me these are great. The first thing I have to say about these liquid lipsticks is that they don't come off. You have to rub and exfoliate your lips to try to rid them of all of the product. It's fine with this shade because it's lighter, but this would concern me with any of the darker shades. These smell really nice, almost like vanilla and candy. I love the brush because it has an arrow tip and makes it really easy to get along the edges and in the highest points of your cupid's bow. I can get a fully opaque look in about two layers. And then this is where my least favorite part sets in. It's very...gooey. It doesn't dry down to matte immediately so I'm left sitting there with my lips open so that I don't get gross lines on the inside of my lips from where they were sticking together. Even when these do dry down from their glossy state, it constantly feels tacky. It's like I know I'm wearing something on my lips and I don't like that. So...I may or may not like this product. I really cannot tell. The staying powder and pigmentation are on point, but the consistency and feel turn me off. 

Maybelline FaceStudio Master Conceal

I think this must be Maybelline's take on the Makeup Forever concealer. The packaging is fairly similar in a tube form and the consistency seems around the same. I haven't used this under my eyes, but I've used it on my acne and it covers it nicely. I don't have any issues with sheering out, pigmentation, or it not lasting throughout the day. I just have a bone to pick with the shade range. They only have five shades and they jump from one to another. I feel like there's not enough of a range to consider different under tones and pigmentations of skin (I mean, the darkest shade is medium/deep and it seems more medium than anything else). The product is fine but I find that the shade that I have is too light for me at the moment, but the next shade up would no doubt be too dark.

Wet 'N Wild Ticket to Brazil Bronzer

I don't usually wear bronzer. Actually, I should say, I never wear bronzer. I contour and that's about it. However, I've seen great things about this bronzer so I figured it was time to incorporate a little bronze glow into my life. First thing, this pan is huge. It fits in the palm of my hand perfectly. You get a lot of product for a few dollars and I for one and pleased with that. It's not overly pigmented to the point where it looks like you're smearing self-tanner across your face. It gives your skin a nice, subtle bronze glow without being muddy or orange. I use this on a big fluffy brush and apply it to the same areas I would contour. I also make sure to blend it out more than usual so it blends seamlessly into the rest of my makeup. I've been using this on my "no makeup" makeup days because it adds some color to my face without going through with a full-on contoured look. I think out of everything in this post, this actually might be my favorite thing that I bought!

What drugstore products have you tried out lately?


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