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June Reflection

I genuinely had to open up my Instagram feed to get some semblance of what happened this month and honestly, my feed gave away nothing. I suppose this is probably because I truly haven't done much this month. My schedule this summer is something I'm so not used to. There are periods for free time, periods of relaxation where I can just sit down and watch an entire season of The O.C. in a two day span. I mean, I technically could've done this in Cleveland but that would have meant ignoring all of my responsibilities and pretending I didn't have roommates and just all around locking myself up in my room and becoming a hermit of some sort. So really, not a viable option.

If you've been a long time or even a short-time reader, it's pretty apparent that I create stress on top of my stress. Like, my brain has this sick need to make me think that I'm busier than I am. Or maybe I am busy? I still haven't figured that out yet, but regardless, being home has complete erased that aspect from my life. Sure, I have jobs here, but they're essentially on my own time or babysitting, which to me is not stressful. I love babysitting. I've been doing it since I was around 13 or 14 and I just think it's such a fun and easy job. I've spent a lot of my time this month doing just that!

I always joke that I'm either at my house, at my grandparent's house for dinner, or at my aunt and uncle's house to babysit. I've been very good about not going to Target or the mall when I'm bored and spending money. Most of this is because I don't want to actually get ready when I don't have to. Even when I do have to, I tend not to. I've gotten what you would call lazy and I'm honestly okay with it. It's a nice break, a breather from the every day primp sessions and go, go, go of my last six months in Cleveland (but really, more accurately my last two years there).

Two of the only cool things I can think of that happened this month were the concerts I got to see. Two weeks ago, my brother opened for Dennis DeYoung (the old dude who wrote all of Styx's hit songs and then was subsequently kicked out of his own band back in like 1999 or something). He played songs from his old band that used to be my absolute favorite. I saw him countless times during my childhood, up until around middle school or so. They still remain one of my favorite bands to date, so it was super sick to see those songs live again. And then just last night, my dad opened for Eddie Money ("Take Me Home Tonight" live changed my life) for my mom's birthday and it was just...sick. So cool. Actually, today for another dose of the 80s I'm seeing U2 in Cleveland with my mom. Catch me crying to "With or Without You" on the floor of First Energy Stadium.

What's happening in July? God, I don't even know. Our annual Fourth of July party at my aunt's house. I'm going to visit my roommate at her house outside of Cleveland next weekend which literally has me almost crying. I might be seeing Ed Sheeran next week as well, depending. I honestly think July will be a lot of what June was. Stuffing envelopes, babysitting, eating dinner with my family and grandparents, petting the dogs, trying so desperately not to spend money. I have a feeling that this is what my summer is going to be like, but I'm completely okay with that.

LOL JUST KIDDING I HAVE TO APPLY TO JOBS THIS MONTH. Brb, going to go stress cry in the shower now. Wish me luck!


  1. I'm seeing Ed Sheeran in September and I'm stoked! I've seen him twice before and he's amazing live. You'll love him if you end up going!

    1. Omg, I've heard he's amazing! I'm super stoked. I'm like 90% sure I'm going. Nothing like not knowing until the last minute lol


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