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1. I Wrote You a Summer To-Do List (Now Get the Fuck Outside!) The title of this blog post is a personal attack against my laziness.

2. Canada Day Style: Off-the-Shoulder Top & Denim Romper How cute is that chambray romper? Looks like a pair of overalls without the discomfort of stiff denim.

3. Fashion Insiders Confirm Almost Every Stereotype in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ I love this movie with my whole heart, but I also love when things are debunked. It's a twofer here!

4. Denim Skirt & Striped Button Down I love the look of this oversized button down. It looks super cool with the denim mini!

5. June Instagram Outfits I love Estée's outfits so much it hurts.

6. 6 Women on What Finally Cured Their Acne When will I be able to boast about what cleared my acne?

7. Self-Love – The Importance of Taking Care of Yourself  True that, Aimee.

8. Millennial Pink is a Neutral It's always a big deal when Carly wears color, even if it is a muted pink. I'm pretty sure I talked about this last week, but I love this shade of pink!

9. Little Orange Dress Halter necklines are my power necklines therefore my favorite necklines. Say necklines again. *whispers necklines* In all seriousness, this is a gorgeous shade of orange and that outfit is totally complete with those little pom pom sandals!

What have you been reading lately? 


  1. Absolutely love #5! This is such a fun post series :)
    xo, Jocelyn //

  2. Always love all the posts in your roundups and always appreciate the features hehe! <3


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