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1. "Perfect Places" by Lorde

I will love everything Lorde does with every fiber of my being. I find her a fascinating human bean being and every time she releases a new song from her upcoming album Melodrama, I gain a year of life. I love that her new sound is similar yet unlike anything that was on Pure Heroine. The songs are a bit bigger, even the more stripped down second release "Liability." It's less deconstructed, less deep and broody (in sound, at least). Jack Antonoffs influence is noted, but not overwhelming ("Out of the Woods" by Taylor Swift anyone?) (I should add that that is one of my favorite songs on the album but swap out Taylor's voice for Jack's and it could've been on a Bleachers LP).

Anyways, "Perfect Places" is a step down on the hype scale from "Green Light," but it's still a jam and I'm currently bopping to it in bed while I write this post. I'm really excited to see where else Lorde takes her sophomore album.

2. Free People Abbey Road Sunglasses

This is a funny story. I feel like any story that starts out with "this is a funny story" is not actually a funny story. This is not really so much funny as it's just a moment in which you'd want to face palm. I got this exact pair of sunglasses my sophomore year of college. I ordered them online and had them delivered to my dorm in late 2014. I wore them for a month or so and then subsequently lost them. Like, they completely disappeared. I looked everywhere for them. Since I liked the glasses so much, I bought them in a different color that suited my skin tone more and went on with my life. Then that pair broke and I was without these sunglasses forever and ever.

I never got a third pair because I figured WHAT'S THE POINT, THEY'LL LEAVE ME ANYWAYS. I also had other sunglasses by this point, so it was, like, whatever. But then I went to move back into my room at home last month and I walk into my childhood bedroom and there is a pair of sunglasses sitting on my desk. Not just any pair of sunglasses, the pair of sunglasses that I thought got sucked into a black hole void, never to return to earth again, let alone in my possession. Turns out that they were just underneath my bed the entire time, waiting for me to find them so we could be reunited once again. It was very dramatic. Nicholas Sparks kind of sh!t.

Anyways, these are cool sunglasses. They're not the best color for me and the shape is quite a bit oversized, but that's what I need because I have a big face and an even bigger nose. Gotta find glasses that cater to that!

3. Not having to leave the house or change out of my pajamas

This is one of things that I both love and hate. I'm Type-A AF and like, sitting around all day actually drives me crazy. On the other hand, not having to change out of your pajamas and put makeup on is a great feeling. I'm very torn with my current work situation. I'm doing some work from home at the moment, so I really don't have to go outside if I don't want to. I've typically been choosing the stay inside route because, well, sometimes I'm just a little bit lazy. The suburbs make me lazy. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it!

I think I'm just not used to literally not doing anything. Even when I had days off at the apartment, I would at least have my roommates to hangout with. Here, I just have my dogs, and they get sick of my voice after about ten minutes of me trying to talk to them. So, yeah, being able to be in my pajamas for long periods of time is kind of nice and refreshing even if this will hopefully change in a couple of weeks so I can finally get that summer tan that I've been dreaming of since 2015. Also so I can finally match the wrong foundation shade that I accidentally bought thinking that it would be alright when it is most definitely not alright.

What have you been loving lately?


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