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The Little Things About Summer

I'm going to admit this right here and right now: summer is my least favorite season. With that aside, summer is approaching because that's how the world works. Sometimes we have to live through our least favorite seasons (summer) to get to our favorite (fall). If there's one thing I know about summer it's that everything is hot. It's approximately a million degrees with no wind and 600% humidity and it's just all around uncomfortable.

I can see the appeal behind summer, though. You generally have time off or at least more time off than usual. Sunshine is a mood booster. Most people like to hang around by pools and beaches if they aren't completely opposed to water or laying out in the heat. Summer, in theory, is a great time of year. I get it, but there are just a few little things about summer that happen time and time again.

1. Sweating in places you never thought you could sweat. I played sports and I thought I knew what it felt like to sweat. But once you bring summer weather into the mix, sweat begins to come out of the waterworks. I'm fairly certain that on the hottest of summer days, sweat poured out of every possible area of my skin. It was like Niagara Falls temporarily teleported underneath my skin and just kept on flowing with sweat on sweat on sweat.

2. DIYing your own denim shorts because they only sell denim diapers in stores. I don't care about the length of shorts and skirts on people in public. Y'all can wear what you want, more power to you. But dear lord, there is no worse feeling than your shorts riding up your butt during the summer time and it appears that the only options that most stores have in the lines of bottoms for the summer are diapers made of denim that are supposed to pass off as shorts. I've yet to find a pair of denim shorts that aren't either glorified distressed and trendy diapers or the right length but just...not...cute...

3. Saying you'll get a tan when in reality you spend all of your summer inside working retail. Raise your hand if this is what you're working with. I don't think that will be the case this summer, but I spent the two summers before this working inside of a store while everyone talked about how nice it was outside. My response half of the time in my head sounded something like, "Oh, is it really a beautiful day? I wouldn't know, I've been slaving away in here for the past seven hours but THANKS FOR LETTING ME KNOW IT'S BEAUTIFUL OUT, SUSAN."

4. Wanting to go on vacation but realizing vacation costs money. Everything costs money and it hurts. Trying to plan summer vacations or road trips with friends is all fun and games until you realize that it costs money to do literally everything. Gas costs money, flights cost money, hotels costs money, food, clothes, drinks...NOTHING IN LIFE IS FREE.

5. Telling yourself that it will be a productive summer, finally, after years and years of trying. The most impressive thing I've done this "summer" (since it's not technically the season, but my summer started May 15th, so I'm working with it) was organize my closet. I've barely changed out of my sweatpants and leggings this summer. I've been too lazy to do my face makeup and leave the house. I don't even feel like driving places to go through the drive-through half of the time and that barely involves any socialization or leaving the car. But I guess that's what summer is for, right? I'm going to blame it on the heat.


  1. Omg #1 #1 the sweat situation is TOO real!

  2. I've started buying shorts a size bigger just so they won't ride up and show everything hahaha

    1. Honestly, that's what I'm going to have to do. Especially since I finally realized that I can't live with only one pair of denim shorts in this heat hahaha

  3. Haha, summer is NEVER as productive and "do all the things" as I plan :P But that's okay!

    1. I feeeeeeeel. I'm lucky if I get one and a half things done during the summer.


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