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Downtown: Masthead Brewing Co.

So, I don't drink beer, but I am a massive fan of natural lighting, cafeteria style tables, and really cool spots to hit up with friends. Masthead Brewing Co ticks off all of those boxes while also being only a short walk from my current apartment (which, now that I think about it, will not be my apartment in only a few days...gross).

New to the neighborhood, this recent addition to Superior Avenue only happened earlier this year. It took a few months, but my friends and I finally got a chance to stop by earlier this week and I was not disappointed in the slightest.

First thing, the layout of Masthead is open and airy, featuring long tables on the interior and some picnic-esque tables out on the patio for the days where the Cleveland weather is cooperating. You order your drinks and food at the bar and you pick them up at the counter when they're ready.

The front of their menu is filled with various different types of beer, ales, ciders, cocktails, and a few wine and soda options if beer isn't your thing. I ended up getting the prosecco because I wasn't in the mood for a cocktail and don't drink any else of the above. Flip the menu over and you'll see two lists of brickstone pizza options: ones with red sauce and ones with white sauce. There's also a few appetizers and salads if pizza doesn't tickle your fancy.

I'm really, really bummed I only got a chance to go to Masthead once before I peace out of Cleveland, but if anyone is visiting the area or just happens to live downtown, I highly recommend hitting up this spot for some good drinks and pizzas!

Where: 1261 Superior Avenue, Cleveland OH 44114
What to eat: Bianco or basil pesto pizza to eat
What to drink: Prosecco (I've heard the Blonde ale is good!)


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