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April Reflection

It doesn't even feel like April happened, that's how fast it flew by. It only felt like it was a week long and I'm very confused as to how it's the first of May (Happy Met Ball day!) already. What even happened in April? Did it truly just pass in the blink of an eye?

I'm not here to talk about May, but a popular sentiment on my blog as of late and for the next few weeks revolves around the fact that in exactly two weeks, my time in Cleveland will expire. In two weeks exactly, I will be packing up my bedroom for the past two years and boxing it all up. I will probably request to drive by myself so I can just sob for approximately three and a half hours. BUT ALAS, that is not the point of the blog.

April was a chill month. Aside from a short and lovely trip home for Easter, a majority of April has just been dedicated to work and tying up loose ends, but most importantly, spending every possible second with my roommates. Any time that could be spent hanging out in the living room instead of hiding away in my bedroom was spent being loud and obnoxious and trying to #LiveItUp before everything changes.

Ew, "everything changes" sounds so dramatic, but that's what's going to happen, isn't it? I do apologize in advance for all the cheesy sentiments and dramatics that is going to be revolved around the fact that the college chapter of my life is starting to wrap up. GROSS, everything about these emotions is GROSS. Moving on...

Most likely, I ate too much dessert and drank too much coffee this month. I wore a lot of denim and watched my hair start to grow out (finally, I miss being able to put it into buns). I didn't wear nearly enough lipstick and read two books. That's right, two! The goal was to only read one book a month but, you know what, I said "why the hell not" and pushed myself to read two. A small accomplishment, for sure, but my relationship with reading since starting college has been rough so this seems like a mini win for me.

What am I looking forward to in May? Having an incredible and hopefully normal final two weeks with my roommates. Make it through the next two weeks of work without wanting to bawl when it comes to saying goodbye to my regular customers and co-workers. My best friend from home (hey Aly!) is coming to visit next week, which of course means a trip to Barrio (Clevelanders, if you haven't been...HOW?!) and most likely shopping. And as sad as it is that I won't be living in Cleveland come the 15th, I do look forward to moving home. I miss my family and dogs and the normalcy of living in the suburbs. It's going to be a strange adjustment, but I know I can handle it. For now, I'll be enjoying my final weeks in the Midwest!


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