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1. On Being Young, Driven and Still Human In which Arbela absolutely knocks it out of the park. Also, how awesome is her new blog layout?

2. How to Successfully Transition to Your First Job Just when I thought I was done studying forever, I now need to study this blog post (and the rest in the series) to prepare me for life.

3. How to Style a Menswear Inspired Look This is just hands down one of the coolest looks I've seen.

4. Up Your Instagram Game: 10 Instagram Flat Lay Photography Tips I'll totally admit that I am the worst at flat lay photos. These are some awesome tips!

5. One Shoulder Wonder Jane can literally pull off any look, I swear.

6. 32 Harlem Street-Style Looks, Plus a Playlist Another edition of I LOVE STREET STYLE.

7. How to Transform a Power Suit One day I hope to be able to own and rock a power suit. Chriselle looks amazing.

8. Long Enough How bomb are those trousers?! I'm obsessed.

9. 10 Hot Takes About the "New" Instagram Krista is one of my favorite accounts to follow, so I love all of her insight on what's happening with Instagram right now.

10. The New York Look Everything about this look is awesome, from the neck scarf to the ripped boyfriends jeans, all the way down to those freaking amazing fur loafers.

11. How I Stay True to My Spring Style Lydia's clothing and style is seriously out of this world. It's so classy and if you've watched even a few of her videos, you can totally tell that her style matches her personality perfectly.

12. Springtime in New York This is seriously one of my favorite looks of Krista's ever. It's so crisp, classic and springy!

13. Spring Style: Off the Shoulder Tops I love the delicate, floaty look to the top with the big belt and the edgy platform heels. Yet another super fun look from Jessica!

14. What Goes Into Being a Blogger It's really no surprise that I find blogging as a whole fascinating. I'm assuming if you're reading this post, you probably think the same! If that is the case, I highly recommend giving this post a read!

What have you been reading lately?


  1. Thanks for the feature girl! Gonna read a bunch of these now hehe <3

  2. Aw Francesca thanks for leaving me some love! Love your blog and have loved following along :-) Happy Sunday! <3

    xoxo Kelsey
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