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1. Celebrate the Everyday Trousers? With a pair of sneakers? I NEED TO TRY THIS! You know, especially since I finally (seriously, how many good reads posts have I mentioned that I need to get a pair of ~ fashion ~ sneakers to call my own?) got my own pair of white leather sneakers!

2. 10 Things I Learned About Leandra From Her Vogue Closet Tour I'm just here for the first comment on the post, from none other than the woman, the myth, the legend, Leandra Medine. But for real, this video was actually hilarious. She's so charming and clever and hilarious and so, so well-dressed.

3. Is Fran Drescher Pink the New Millennial Pink? I haven't even seen The Nanny, but I feel like I know the character Fran Drescher like the back of my hand based solely on her incredible style (and, you know, the whole having the first name in common–it's a thing, don't worry about it).

4. Layering a Jumpsuit First things first, I need to find the perfect jumpsuit. Then after that, I need to figure out how to layer it like Jessica because this look is so damn cute.

5. 7 Legit Medical Reasons You Feel Exhausted @ me next time.

6. How to Wear One White Button-Down All Week *frantically pulls white oxford out of my closet and steams the sh!t out of it*

7. The New York Effect: Styling a Pleated Midi Skirt I finally got to try out my version of styling a pleated skirt a couple of weeks ago and it changed my life. I had the comfort of wearing a skirt (stuffing my thighs into jeans every day is honestly painful and I still, to this day, hate pants, but find them necessary, unfortunately) and my slip on sneaks. But I also just recently got the most perfect pair of nude heels that would also look gorg with the skirt...I can feel the cogs in my head spinning.

8. How I Gained 1,000 Instagram Followers Last Month Y'all, listen to Jessica. She knows her stuff!

What have you been reading lately?


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