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Dream Closet, Vol. 28

Apparently, my dream closet consists of color. I find it hilarious how my normal day-to-day wardrobe is a sea full of black, grey, white and the occasional tan if I'm feeling particularly neutral that day. The only color that occasionally comes out to play is my lip color. And even now, I'm getting a bit lazy with that. What gives?!

I've never been a fan of body-skimming silhouettes. I'm not a body-con dress kind of gal. I'm lucky enough that I can get myself into skinny jeans a majority of the week. I love that all of these pieces are either bohemian and flowy or have a nice flare at the bottom so it won't hug to my body. Plus, how incredible are those Fendi shoes? I have going ga-ga over the Fendi sock boots that Tamara Kalinic was wearing a few weeks ago and those heels kind of sort of give me the same vibe. And how stinking cute is that rainbow bucket bag? Ugh, adorable.

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