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1. Kristin Ess Soft Shine Beach Wave Spray

I've been curious about this Target and Kristin Ess collection since I heard Lucy Hale talking about it. Kristin Ess does hair for the greats like Lucy Hale, Lauren Conrad, and Jenna Dewan-Tatum, and she does it so dang well. She recently came out with a haircare line at Target, featuring fifteen different haircare products across the spectrum. I was debating between a texturizing spray, dry shampoo, hairspray and this beach wave spray. Ultimately, I chose the beach wave spray to test out first and dip my toes into this line of products.

In my time, I've tried out a decent amount of beach wave sprays in hopes of finding the perfect one. But every time I test out a new one, it lets me down in the same way: it makes my hair knotted and crunchy and really, really clumpy. I know that in order to achieve the perfect beachy looked there needs to be some texture, but the ones I've tried have just made my hair heavy and feel dirty and gross. While I was a bit hesitant to try this one, I figured that the description of "non-drying" and "strand softening" would diverge results from a horrible knotted mess. And I was right!

This spray smells incredible and doesn't make my hair gather up into sporadic clumps. It's really soft, keeps my hair shiny (or as shiny as my broken ends can be...I'm getting them fixed soon!) and really adds a beautiful natural tussled look to my hair! I prefer to use this when my hair is already styled, but it didn't look bad on my natural hair, either! I just found that it worked better when I curled the ends of my hair quickly.

2. The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

I was so in love with this book that I was desperate to lend it to one of my co-workers immediately. Naturally, it was before I remembered to take a picture of it for a blog post. So, bear with me as there's no picture to go along with this incredible book. Just imagine a teal book cover with big yellow font and two people painted onto it. Can you see it? No? Fair enough, that description sucked.

This book had me on the edge of my seat. Not because it's a super plot twist thriller or anything, but because you're waiting to see if these two characters–seemingly sworn mortal enemies in the workplace–finally get together. I'm not sure if I've rooted for two people to be together so much since Zoe Hart and Wade Kinsella, which I know seems like not a lot of time at all considering I just watched Hart of Dixie in completion just last week, but that's a mere technicality so let's forget that for a moment.

I've now completely digressed from The Hating Game and back to Hart of Dixie, which is really typical of me but I'm ready to get on track. This book only came out in August 2016 and follows a workplace "rivalry" after two publishing companies had to merge together as one. Two assistants of the CEOs of the new company–Lucy and Josh(ua)–have this whole "I hate you" relationship and facade throughout most of the story, which makes the build up of the entire book so much more painful. Painful in a good way though. The suspense of "will they or won't they" had me nearly rolling around on the floor in a fit. It's pretty clear throughout the entire book that you know which way it's going to go, but still, there I was, clutching the book to my chest in anticipation.

I finished this in a 24 hour period and honestly, no regrets. Actually, the only regret I have is not savoring it because now I'm done with it and can't read any more of it. But then again, for my sanity, I am glad that I finished it quickly before Josh and Lucy's dynamic made me absolutely explode. If you're looking for a fast-paced, witty and just all around fun read, I definitely recommend giving The Hating Game a read.

3. NYX Wonder Pencil

The NYX Wonder Pencil can be used for a few things: conceal blemishes, outline your lips, or brighten your waterline. I use mine only on my lower waterline to brighten to open up my eye area. I used to use white eyeliner from Rimmel to line my lower lashline, but sometimes I found that it was too harsh and too brightening on my eye. The NYX Wonder Pencil just makes my eyes look bigger, brighter and just all around more awake. This combined with a killer undereye concealer can save me on those days where I just haven't had enough sleep.

What have you been loving lately?


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