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February Reflection

Hellllllo March! February passed in the blink of an eye and all I have to show for it is a messy Instagram theme and days crossed out in my agenda. All jokes aside, February was actually a really fun month!

It started off strong with the DNCE concert on the second of the month. It was wonderful seeing my first love Joe Jonas in person once again, after quite a few years apart. Totally kidding. It truly was a really entertaining concert and it was the first concert that I was legally able to drink at so, needless to say I took advantage and ended up doing Russian dances in heeled booties at the back of the House of Blues because, well, why not? I am a horrendous dancer, but that has never stopped me from dancing every single second of my life.

February also was the month of wine nights with my roommates, purchasing my gorgeous lipstick crossbody bag, and starting to get more into creating outfits again. I feel like I fell into a clothing rut recently, so it's nice to slowly drag myself out of the sartorially super boring place. I'm getting there, at least! Some outfits are still a bit boring, but what're you going to do, right?

February also finally kicked off the month of bringing outfit posts back to the blog! My roommate Olivia and I are going to try to keep up with these posts on our blogs and take advantage of both Cleveland and having someone who isn't embarrassed to be taking pictures out in public for everyone around to see. We're not photographers by any means, but we make do with what we have for the sake of convenience and saving money on photographers. So far, so decent, I'd say!

But the highlight and greatest end to the month was getting to see my queens Little Mix this past Sunday at Quickens Loan Arena. I just about died when those four perfect humans strutted on stage and sang and danced their hearts out for their six song setlist. I could've listened to them sing all four of their albums in full simultaneously, but I'm just grateful I got the opportunity to see them, even if for a short amount of time. They mean the world to me and really showed me girl power and the art of great friendships and I just LOVE THEM SO MUCH, OKAY? Ariana Grande was there too, but admittedly, I remember very little of her performance. Yikes.

There's plenty to look forward to in March! Well, at least, there's one major thing: I get to go home in a couple of weeks! I wasn't expecting to go back until Easter, which would've meant that I would have gone three months without being home which would be the longest I've ever gone and I'm not sure if I'm strong enough to do that yet. Alas, I worked it out where I can go home for a long weekend and I could cry, I'm so stoked. Who knows what else March has to hold. I'm looking forward to it.


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