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Ohio City: Koffie Cafe

On my Ohio City adventure on Sunday, we stopped into Koffie Cafe for a quick bite to eat. After driving around trying to find parking and every other brunch spot being too crowded for our growling stomachs, we ended up just popping into the coffee shop next door to where we considered getting a proper sit-down brunch. It was pretty eclectic but had great lighting, really intimate seating, and a really chill vibe. It was a really relaxing spot to be on a Sunday and I can see why people settled into their cozy corners and started to work on their computers and catch up with a nice newspaper.

Location: 2517 Market Ave, Cleveland, Ohio (right next to Flying Fig)
What to get: Iced latte and egg and bacon sandwich.
For fans of: Coffee shops with a relaxed atmosphere, quiet, exposed brick, and just the right amount of hipster.


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