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Orange You Glad I Didn't Say...

I am living for this weather at the moment. The past two days have been absolutely gorgeous. The one annoying thing about downtown, though, is that the breeze from Lake Erie always drops the temperature significantly. Luckily, I have my trusty plaid coat to keep me warm and cozy when the breeze combats the sunshine. 

Yesterday, one of my roommates and I spent the day exploring Ohio City and driving around downtown to scope out spots where we could take photos. Olivia blogs over at Our Wandering Mind and shares her tips for travel, college, and how to throw a good party. Neither of us are photographers by any means, but we still had tons of fun taking outfit photos yesterday!

Since it was pretty nice yesterday, I wore this cream knitted sweater from Asos. It has a really pretty orange-red detail that matched my NARS Heat Wave lipstick perfectly. A match made in heaven, truly. I paired that sweater with my dual toned American Eagle jeans with a raw hem. I thought these jeans were a bit risky when I bought them and I didn't think I would get much wear out of them. Jokes on me though. I probably wear them more often than I should and I always get compliments on them! The perfect shoe for the occasion was my pair of nude peep toe booties from Old Navy. They've seen better days, but I do adore this style of shoe too much to let them go!

Normally, I stray from color, but I couldn't pass up this orange Marni coat. I bought it at work a month or so ago and I am just OBSESSED. It's a bit oversized but in a cool, slouchy kind of way. I also love the shearling collar. I feel like it adds an extra relaxed touch to an already interesting coat. 

My Quay reflective sunglasses are integral to all of my looks. They were a game changer in my sunglasses game, truly. And to top off the look, I decided to take my orange Balenciaga Twiggy bag out for a spin. I can definitely see myself using this a lot as the weather starts to warm up, maybe even into early fall. I haven't carried anything but a small crossbody bag in ages, so it was weird to have a "big" bag for the afternoon. I just loved all of the orange going on in this look, especially since I thought that orange was not my color in the slightest. I wonder if it's time to give yellow a try...



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