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I Used To Be Golden | A February Playlist

Another month, another playlist that–genre wise–makes absolutely no sense. I've stopped trying to cater my musical interests to one specific type. Life's too short to not give every genre a try, hence why all of my playlists are a really weird mixture of indie, pop, and the occasional throwback. I mean, "Miami" by Will Smith made this month's list. That song came out two years after I was born, which is pretty wild. I started listening to The Struts a lot more this month, mainly because I'm fairly certain I'll be seeing them in May, just a week or so before I finally get to see The 1975.

I feel like I always need to note that this playlist does not include the unhealthy amount of Little Mix and DNCE that I listened to this month. It's a sickness that I never want to be cured of.


  1. are you seeing the 1975 in the falls?!

    1. YESSSSS! I forget which night that I'm going, but I'm so insanely stoked. Did you get tickets?!

  2. YESSS I am going to the one on the 31st!!


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