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1. Wearing Your Favorite Dresses With Pants, the New Trend You Won’t Resist Honestly, when will I be cool enough to rock this trend? My goal for 2017 is to successfully rock a dress over a pair of jeans. I'm going to do it. Mark my words!

2. Karl Lagerfeld Called Meryl Streep “Cheap”!!!!! OH NO HE DIDN'T, NOT ON MY WATCH, SISTA!

3. The Parisian Pull + Little Pieces of Paris I love little sweaters with French phrases printed or embroidered onto them. Despite taking Spanish for seven years before college and choosing it as my minor, I find that French sayings on clothing is just such a chic little addition!

4. Gucci Does the Most I truly feel like I love current Gucci so much because it always does, as the title of this post says, the most. It's so extra and I feel like I relate to every eccentric piece that walks down that runway.

5. Pink Wednesday I adore the combination of blush pink with grey! I think it's such a cute alternative to white or cream and looks a lot less harsh than black!

6. 10 Trends to Try According to NYFW Winter 2017 I'm all in for the puffy sleeves, fuzzy mustard and prints that look like they belong in your grandmother's home.

7. The Dramatic Process of Writing Headlines at Man Repeller As someone who struggles to title all of her blog posts and every single article she's had to write for a class or student newspaper, I appreciate everything about this post.

8. Cordoba Travel Guide I had the pleasure of being able to visit Cordoba for a short period of time when I went to Spain in my senior year of high school (oddly enough, four years and a week or so ago). I got to wander around the Mezquita mentioned in this post, as well as walk down the Calleja de La Flores. It was a really gorgeous city!

9. Everything I Wore (And Wanted to Wear) This Fashion Week in Mirror Selfies True life: I'm obsessed with everything that Leandra Medine puts on her body. I literally just want to study her style without copying every single quirky look she puts together. Ugh. Her style is just the bomb dot com.

What have you been reading lately?


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