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We Could Be Heroes | A January Playlist

The end of January is near and we're a few days closer to surviving the first month of 2017. A lot of sh!t has happened in the past week that has made January feel like it was six years long, but hopefully  that doesn't become the theme for the year. But, this isn't a January reflection quite yet! Today we're talking about the tunes that I've been enjoying over the past month. 

As usual, Little Mix has dominated this month, but I haven't included any of their stuff on this playlist sheerly because I think by now my obsession with them is apparent. Other than my usual monthly Little Mix binging, I've listened to a fair bit of new music this month! I had two really, really great Discover playlists in a row which gave me dozens upon dozens of new awesome songs, most of which you'll see on this playlist.

Two of my favorite songs on this playlist are "Are You Home" by Broods and "Heroes" by David Bowie (where the title of this post comes from). Broods are just a sick band in general, but there's something about this song that is just super addicting and has me belting out the chorus and swaying back and forth. I think I need to listen to it right now, or at least as soon as I finish this blog post. The second song I've loved this month is one by David Bowie. How have I gone 21 years without hearing this song before? Maybe I have but I feel like I would have remembered it. It's one of those songs that I feel like would play somewhere in a coming of age indie movie and I just cannot listen to it enough. 

Can't wait to see what music shows up on next month's playlist.

What have you been listening to this month?


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