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1. Camel Coat I love the simplicity of this outfit. It's still super chic and it only requires a few key pieces. Plus, I loved the sentiment about simplifying your closet. I mean, who knows whether or not I'll be able to give up my ruffle sleeved sweater without a good fight, but I think everyone could benefit from a little bit of simplification.

2. Gird Your Loins: “The Devil Wears Prada” is Coming to Broadway I have been internally screaming about this since I heard the news. Honestly, my life has never felt more fulfilled than it has now just from hearing the news about a musical that I have zero part in.

3. 8 Important Questions About ZAYN and Taylor Swift’s New Music Video Honestly, these are my thoughts exactly. I hate the franchise, I'm not Zayn's biggest fan as of late, and the song...the songs sounds like it was done in a week. Jack Antonoff, you've done better. Anyways. There's my little spot of negativity for the day. Number five and number eight get me though.

4. Is ‘Sorry’ Still a Dirty Word? I say sorry like it's going out of style. If statistics were ever made about my conversations, I think they would read as such: 60% of sentences begin with "Sorry, I *fill in the blank*. The word "sorry" appears probably twice as much as any other word in my vocabulary.  And for what?

5. A Floral Dress + A Pink Wall God, that floral dress is gorgeous. I love that it has the black piping to contrast the really delicate floral print. Plus, that pussybow is just an adorable addition to an already great dress.

6. Take a Bow Speaking of bows...oh my god, I am in love with this look. Plus, the pink jacket? Honestly, my eyes are hearts right now because of this look.

7. 11 Must-Read Books for Winter Hibernation I am so in need of new books to read, especially if I want to keep up with my new book each month goal for 2017! I just finished my first book of the year last night.

8. How to Make a Matcha Latte at Home Lord knows I will be too lazy to buy these products, but matcha lattes are my favorite so I'm just going to sit over here and pretend for a hot second that I'm not a piece of trash and could, in theory, make one for myself some day.

9. Confessions of a Former Celebrity Gossip Addict THIS. WAS. ME. In middle school, my favorite website was I wanted to know the hot gossip on every single Disney-esque celebrity and I wanted to know it quick. I scoured Perez Hilton (gag), surrounded myself with enough Hollywood gossip that, as I look back on it, makes me a little sick. Sigh.

10. New Jeans Worth Raving About I must agree! They are so cute. I need more jeans in this style to go with my statement ankle boots. Sometimes skinny jeans just don't cut it for the looks I'm trying to aim for!

11. Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing These are the cutest cookies my eyes ever have seen. I have zero use for them at the moment, but I'm just going to enjoy staring at the pictures for the time being!

12. Intersexism Finally Has a Boldface Advocate: Hanne Gaby Odiele What a brave, brave soul. So proud of Odiele for coming forward and helping others understand.

13. Office Apropos: Winter 2017 (Part 1!) I love these girls' style so much. When will I ever get to dress as cool? When will I ever be as cool? When will I finally be in New York?

14. Love Trumps Hate It's been really refreshing to see some bloggers come forward and use their voices on their platform to promote their beliefs. I believe Mackenzie Horan talked about her experience at the Women's March last week on her blog recently as well.

What have you been reading lately?


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