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Trends I Want to End in 2017

Every time I see any variation of the title of this post, my eyes automatically roll up into my head, roll out of my eyes, continue to roll on the floor until they cannot roll anymore. There is absolutely nothing wrong with expressing distaste for trends. Am I continuously confused by the cold-shoulder trend? Of course. But I'm also extremely frustrated that I look really, really dumb in cold-shoulder tops while other people are out there slaying that look. Because that's what fashion is. Not everyone is going to look good in the same thing and that is just how the game goes.

I feel like there's a way to discuss trends that were widely disliked without putting down those who enjoyed them. I know it's probably just my over-sensitivity to letting people do whatever they want, whether it applies to wearing full faces of makeup to no makeup, a sweater with massive ruffle sleeves or a plain old t-shirt. I don't love every trend out there. I'm not pretending I do, nor would I ever pretend for the sake of fashion. It would take the fun out of everything if everyone liked the same thing at the same time for the rest of humanity. Would it even be a trend if that was the case?

Throughout the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017, I've seen more than enough posts about this to make me ditch my entire blog post idea for today to talk about this. Clearly, I was reading the posts for a reason. I was just curious to see what people's opinions were, as I always am. But as I read the posts, the language became less fashion-related and more...well, attacks on people who enjoyed these trends and who might want to continue in the new year.

Everyone can do what they want. A twenty-one-year-old blogger can't stop the way people write and word their articles and posts. That would just be silly. But, as I have for years now, I just wanted to get this out there. There's no need to make assumptions about the people wearing the trends. If you don't like highlighting and contouring, don't tell people to let their natural beauty shine from the inside and not from the outside. Straying from the fashion discussion to take on the role of the fashion police do not have to go hand in hand. You can talk about how much you don't like leggings as pants without taking digs at those who just like to be comfortable.

What trends do I want to end in 2017? Not using turn signals. Old white dudes trying to regulate women's bodies. Leaving the ice tray in the freezer with only one ice cube left. Not supporting intersectional feminism. Hating on the dog filter on Snapchat. That kind of stuff.


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