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Happy National Compliment Day!

Today is, by far, the best day of the entire year. It's only January 24th and the best day of 2017 is already here. That's potentially a terrifying thought, but the reality of the situation is that today is National Compliment Day. That's right. A whole day dedicated to the incredible art of giving genuine compliments and making people happy.

Compliments are such an easy way to make someone's day. You don't have to buy them anything or perform any extravagant act. You literally just have to look someone in the eye and say "hey, I love your top!" or "hey, you're really funny!" and I can guarantee it'll be stuck in their head for at least the remainder of the day, if not for a long while, too. That's it. That's all you have to do.

I love that there's a whole day dedicated to one of my favorite things in the world to do. Other than the fact that I think people should know these things about themselves or their outfits or makeup, I just think that there's no reason why we shouldn't take two seconds out of our day to try to make someone else's. It's such an easy concept and I think that it's something that we should all adopt into our daily lives.

It's always a goal of mine to compliment somebody every day, even if it's not done in person. There's nothing wrong with giving compliments on physical things, but the best compliments stem from a place where you want to praise something about someone's characteristics. Tell someone that they're funny, let them know that they're a good friend or a kind person. I feel like sometimes there's a weird stigma around complimenting people where the complimenter might feel creepy or weird. I think as long as you're not trying to compliment in the way that men think they're complimenting women by cat-calling or touching without consent, you're in the clear.

So, my challenge to you on National Compliment Day (and every day from now on) is to compliment at least one person on anything. Watch how it makes them smile. I promise that it will brighten not only their day, but yours in return.


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