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Should I Get New Glasses?

I've had my Kate Spade Blakely glasses since my senior year of high school. They were the first pair of glasses that I owned that I actually liked and wanted to wear all of the time, not just when they were convenient for board reading purposes. My wise, wise optometrist cousin (who may or not be reading this, so hey girl, what's up) once said that glasses are like another accessory, especially when you need to be wearing them on a daily basis and don't love contacts (which, I do, but sometimes I just want to wear some frames, man). Since then, I've been entertaining the idea of finding myself a nice new pair of glasses to switch in and out with my Kate Spade frames when I'm feeling like I want to pass on my contacts for the day.

I normally just get glasses through my optometrist, but sometimes the options are a bit limited. So, I decided to broaden my horizons a bit and search on the interwebs for some sweet new frames. I always look for something a bit bigger, as I have a huge head and a fairly large ("fairly" is an understatement) nose, which both require some thicker, bigger frames to offset the...well...hugeness of everything else. These were some I found searching earlier and let me just say, the internet is a magical, wonderful place and I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to narrow down my choices. Here's to searching!


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