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Positivitea Cup Twenty-Four: New Year, New Me...Or Same Me?

New year, new me? New year, same me?

Recently, I've talked about my 2017 to do list, resolutions and whether or not it's an arbitrary date, and what 2016 was like for me. With the ending of a long, hard year and the beginning of a brand new year and a blank canvas, it's impossible not to get a little introspective and deep. Is this even deep? I'm sort of terrified of deep water...I like my feet to be able to touch the bottom with my head above water...I digress.

In the past, I've wanted to make some serious changes in my attitude and behavior during the year. There were plenty of times during my teen years where I knew I could do better and I desperately wanted myself to do so. But, naturally, I never made those changes. I don't think that I was ready to be a new person. I say "new person" as if I would completely emerge out of my body like a butterfly and flutter around with bright, shiny skin and a permanent smile. Which, I know, is not what butterflies look like, so that was truly just a horrible analogy.

Once again, I digress.

Even to this day, I still consider myself to still be a work in progress. I'm only 21. I don't know who I am, or what I'm doing, besides like, with my eyeliner and stuff. While I'm happy where I am, are there things I'd like to change? Of course. I still want to be better at responding to text messages and not disappearing. And I'm sure I could be nicer. Couldn't we all? I refuse to believe that it's possible to be too nice. And like, it'd be nice be more outgoing? I guess? Friends are cool?

All I'm saying is that none of us are perfect. I mean, Hannah Montana even said so. And yes, both mentioning and nearly quoting the Disney classic at the age of 21. Or 12. 12 seems like an acceptable age. For the third and hopefully final time of this blog post, I digress.

Into nothing. Because every single video I try to use of "Nobody's Perfect" has playback copyright issues. So I guess I need to talk so more?

I declare 2017 the year of semi-new me. I'm all for fine-tuning and behavior tweaking in order to lead to the best possible version of myself. It's a slow process. Hopefully not too slow. I'd really like to get better about that text messaging thing as soon as possible...


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