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2017 To Do List

It's tradition at this point for me to create an elaborate and long to do list for the coming year. Instead of my usual 40 point list, I've halved it to twenty (hopefully) achievable goals and checkpoints for me to reach in the coming year. It's weird writing out a list that doesn't have some sort of academic goal on it! I hope that I've filled up the gaps in my "to do" list appropriately with other equally, if not more, important points to strive towards during the year!

  1. Move to New York City
  2. Read one new book each month
  3. Aim for at least seven hours (but really, eight) hours of sleep as many nights as you can manage a week
  4. Go on a road trip
  5. Take more outfit pictures for Life According to Francesca so it can finally be the fashion blog you’ve always wanted
  6. Compliment someone each day
  7. When it’s no longer winter, start running again
  8. Read more blogs
  9. Invest in a pair of black heels
  10. Narrow down the contents of your wardrobe, again. Keep downsizing to make the move to New York (because it’s happening) that much easier
  11. Wear all of your lipsticks at least twice
  12. Go to one new spot in Cleveland for the last five months of living in Ohio
  13. Save a majority of your paychecks
  14. Go to the Indians home-opener
  15. Do not let stress consume your entire being
  16. Take more pictures–of yourself, with your friends, of your food, etc
  17. Survive the second year of One Direction’s hiatus
  18. Reach 1,000 followers on Instagram
  19. Become more adventurous with makeup–add something more to that signature winged eyeliner
  20. Vlog at least once. Like, just once. Come on. You can do it.
What's one of your goals for the new year?


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