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2016: A Year In Review

If I wanted to properly sum up this year, I would have to include a video of someone running around panicked whilst on fire on the sixtieth floor of a building while Nickelback plays loudly in the background on a constant loop. There are probably massive spiders there as well. This is all to say that 2016 was a nightmare, truly. But it wasn't without its silver lining moments, redeeming days and weeks that reminded us that there were some ups to a year that felt like an exponential downfall of humanity.

For me, this was a rough year. A lot of aspects of my life suffered because of school and work and the ungodly amounts of pressure that I put on myself to constantly do the most. This blog suffered, my sleep and health suffered, and so did aspects of my social life. A lot of things took the back burner and it was entirely my fault.

2016 feels like a blur of late nights, five hours of sleep, a seemingly endless supply of caffeine, one too many shopping sprees at Sephora and not enough time spent at home. But 2016 was also a blur of nights in with my roommates, tacos at Barrio, Saturday nights full of laughter and too many Snapchat videos, and the never-ending dance party that goes on in our apartment. While the balance was weighed less in favor of the latter, it didn't erase the fact that there were some wonderful things that happened in 2016.

While I'd like to pretend that this year never happened, perhaps I'll just hold onto the moments that made it special, not the moments that made it a flaming heap of trash. I'll accept the past year as a lesson learned and will twirl into 2017 with the idea of it being a clean slate at the front of my mind.

So congrats to us. We made it through the first year of One Direction's hiatus and survived Harry's massive hair transformation. I think that deserves a medal of some sort!


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