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Last Finals Week Ever

This is one of the most fulfilling and exciting blog titles I think I've ever had the privilege and pleasure of writing out. Unfortunately, they're being written in the midst of trying to study (but let's be real, cram) before my exam this morning. No amount of preparation will ever make me feel ready for an exam and I cannot wait until I never have to feel this again, at least not in this situation. I have an inkling this will arise time and time again, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. For now, I must traverse over the path that is surviving my last finals week ever.

I've made lists on how to study, on what to do to prepare for finals week, how to write a good final paper. And I think with my last semester of college, I've thrown caution to the wind and pretty much ripped all of those beliefs to shreds. I've been running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get things done. Except this chicken is tired and doesn't want to get anything done, so it's taken a chill pill and has decided to remain stagnant until the last possible second before the "chill" wears off and I'm back to square one of PANICKING.

Really, not a great life choice on my part. Make better decisions than me. I feel like that's the point of this blog, to take my mistakes and correct them so you're not sleeping negative hours during the week and drinking coffee like it's water. Perhaps adopt the everyday eyeliner policy, or perhaps don't because becoming reliant on winged eyeliner is a really time consuming and expensive habit. So yeah, don't mimic by lack of study skills or dependency on eyeliner.

Am I rambling in this blog post to avoid the reality of studying and preparing myself for my first last final? Oh yeah, one hundred percent. I'm an avoider. I avoid conflict, people, things, expectations, requirements, whatever I can avoid, I'll do it. Do I need somebody else to shove me face first into what I need to do? Nah, I think that's something I'll need to learn how to manage on my own.

So, this is my attempt to shove myself head first into finishing studying and taking that exam this morning. And, hopefully, nailing it so I don't cry myself to sleep after grades are posted. Because that is a thing that would most certainly happen, partially because I'm too hard on myself and partially because it's been a LONG THREE AND A HALF YEARS AND I'M TIRED. So tired, in fact, that I've hijacked today's holiday post and made it all about me. I guess that's things that I can do as the sole operator of said blog.

And with this ramble, I shall end it with a note of good luck to anyone else starting exams today. Or maybe you finished them last week and if that's the case, I hope you're sleeping and enjoying life post fall 2016 semester. I'm jealous.


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