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Holiday Outfits

First I gave you gift guides and now here's a holiday attire guide. If I wasn't neck deep in finals, I might have tried to do something a little more professional. Maybe even *gasp* try an outfit post of my own, but alas, my schedule is nonexistent so here's a collage.

(On the reals though, that is a goal for 2017 so NOBODY LET ME FORGET)

You can wear a frilly dress, a tulle skirt with a funny little sweater, or just a plain sweater with some trousers. You could wear leggings and a tee shirt. You could even wear your pajamas if you desire. I think there are two ultimate goals: to look cute and upstage your entire family and prove that you aren't a trash college student with zero drive to look nice or be as comfortable as possible, no questions asked. I respect both sides.

Look one: Zara dress and Topshop tights
Look three: H&M sweater and Topshop pants
Booties: Steve Madden


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