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This Moment In Fashion...Statement Booties

ASOS | H&M | Zara

H&M | Topshop | ASOS

ASOS | Zara | Topshop

I feel like my new theme in life is statement something. Whether it's a bold, statement lip color, a hunter green faux fur bomber jacket, I'm just so into the idea of something about my outfit popping. In the sea of black booties piled up in my closet, I've been itching for a pair of statement boots to jazz up an otherwise simple outfit. Call it my inner Harry Styles or my need for the out-of-the-ordinary pieces in my wardrobe, but these statement boots are just too fun to pass up. They come in all different colors, patterns, fabrics with varying heel heights, shapes and even designs (I've seen quite a few cylindrical heels with really beautiful patterns on them on some bloggers, namely Victoria from In The Frow!) 

As of right now, I don't have any statement boots to this caliber, but if I did...boy would I try to incorporate them into everyday looks. Truly, that's all you need to do. Pop on a simple black sweater, some skinny jeans or distressed jeans and throw on a pair of these boots and your look is complete. The best part about statement pieces is that they become the focal point of your look and you don't really need to try too hard elsewhere. They attract attention, they're where the eyes are drawn, so everything else can take the backseat for the time being while the boots stand center stage.


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