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Think Happy Thoughts

In case you haven't heard, today's election day. It's a tough day. It's a stressful day. These next twenty-four hours (and four years) are going to be rough. Personally, I'm trying to disconnect all day. I'm going to be a super Cleveland-er and go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Cavaliers game to keep my mind away from the 24-hour live coverage. My method of coping is to think happy thoughts and these are just some of the thoughts running through my head to keep my mind elsewhere today.

  • One thousand fluffy golden retriever puppies roaming freely in a field of daisies. All of them like to cuddle and be pet and smile a lot. 
  • One Direction reuniting at some point in the future. They tour their album Made In The A.M. They decide that it should be a shirtless performance. 
  • Reese Witherspoon transforms into Elle Woods and steals the election. 
  • Coffee exists in this world. 
  • Red cups are coming to Starbucks this week. Tis the season.
  • Harry Styles exists, somewhere in this world, wherever he is hiding...
  • Also, Joe Jonas exists. He's probably working out right now...super sweaty...super buff...
  • Glitter is a thing. You can put glitter on anything you want to. Cards, your face, your cupcakes (edible glitter only, of course...don't let glitter hurt you like that). 
  • If you live in Cleveland, Zara just opened! Yay!
  • It's the heart of fall. The leaves have turned, you can stomp on all of the crunchy leaves you want! 
  • It's getting closer to the holiday season, whichever holiday you celebrate!
  • A baby was probably born right now...and maybe right now...those cute little things...
We all have the opportunity to change history today, whether that's voting presidential or voting local. Vote local, too! It's your right to choose who you want to represent you, both in your city, home state, or for your country. You have the power. Use it.


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