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1. NARS Dolce Vita blush

This is one of the products I picked up on my little shopping trip to Sephora last Saturday (AKA I seriously think I blacked out for the twenty minutes that I was browsing). My favorite blush from all time is from NARS (the shade Sin, which I know I have talked up so much on this blog already, but why not mention it a sixtieth time?). I have a few blushes from NARS and I've been low key dying to try this one but told myself that I didn't need anymore blushes. After purging some from my collection and really separating them into both fall and spring shades, I realized how much I truly lacked in the blush department for the fall time. Thus, I sprung and finally gathered my bearings to purchase a blush I've been pining after for ages. Like all NARS blush formulas, this one is supremely pigmented and likes to hang around on your face for quite some time. You have to be careful to use a light hand on this one, as you can go from a faint flush to a clown in just a few swipes of the brush against your skin.

2. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb rollerball perfume

I've smelled this so many times in all of my magazines and I am just so happy that I finally made the splurge and got the rollerball. I wasn't sure I was ready to commit to a bigger size, but I'm ridiculous happy with my choice to own something of this scent. The website describes the style as oriental, gourmand and floral with notes of sambac jasmine, centifolia rose, cattleya orchid, ballerina freesia, and patchouli. It definitely has a strong floral scent, but it also has a really sweet scent mixed in that just makes the perfect combination for a scent on my skin. It might be a little springy for right now, but I'm completely content with no following fall trends when it comes to scent. I just want to smell nice! And this definitely gets me there.

3. "You Gotta Not" by Little Mix

Little Mix released a new song last week and you can bet your bottom dollar that it's all I've been listening to since (plus, we get #Blessed with a new song tomorrow...I cannot wait for this new album to come out). I just love the feel good nature of this song and how it just makes you feel like a bad-a$$ chick. Their music tends to just make me feel the best, no matter what. I know I can rely on this song (or really, any one of their songs) to put some pep into my step as I strut to campus, the parking lot, wherever I'm walking, really. These girls are just so supremely talented and I wish I could be the fifth member, despite me being, well, not supremely talented...or really, talented at all.

4. 2016 Cleveland Indians

I fear that if I speak too long about this, I might burst into tears. The Cleveland Indians lost in extra innings in game seven of the World Series. I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT!!!! But I do just want to briefly mention how awesome of a season it was and how much I'm going to miss being able to walk to Progressive Field to see a baseball game when I move out of Cleveland in six months. Okay, that's all. I'm going to be emotional now for multiple reasons!

What have you been loving lately?


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