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Positivitea Cup Twenty-One: Note to Self

Embark on part two of your Great Lipstick Adventure. Conquer all of the shades in your collection.

Continue to purge unnecessary items from your life. Yes, this means it's time to finally recycle those magazines you've been hoarding since 2007. You don't need dozens upon dozens of old issues of Teen Vogue or Seventeen. You just don't.

Drink more water. You're doing okay, but there's no such thing as too much water (or maybe there is, but I think it takes awhile to get to that point).

Love what you love, unapologetically. Don't simmer your need to fangirl. Don't fret over your interests.

Try to constantly learn.

Sleep more than a few hours. Your under-eye circles will thank you greatly.

Keep extra pencils on you at all times. Scantron exams always come out of the blue.

Nothing good ever comes out of scrolling through Sephora past midnight.

Live your life like you're the fifth unofficial member of Little Mix. Stage costumes are optional.

Don't let the lack of sunshine get you down. Stare at some gold glitter to replace the sun on a gloomy fall day. Don't let the diminishing daylight destroy your motivation. Be your own self-motivator.

If you want to cookie, eat the cookie, dammit!

Faux fur jackets are really fun and you should own one thousand of them. Or one will do...for now...


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