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November Reflection

Okay, so November was actually only about twenty seconds long. Right? I cannot believe that when I wake up tomorrow, it's going to be December. December! I used to beg for time to fly by, but now I find myself desperately trying to grasp at every spare second to try to savor the moments. And typing out the word savor just made me really crave a double chocolate chip muffin. Don't ask.

November passed in the blink of an eye and I'm struggling to comprehend what happened this month. I swear, I wrote my October reflection two days ago. Time is a wild concept and once again, I'm stunned by how fast the weeks have flown by. A thirty day month has felt merely like a weekend, if that. The combination of school and work really just make the days go by faster than I would like. It's a constant stream of reading for classes, writing out assignments, making article deadlines, laying out the newspaper every three weeks while trying to manage social media accounts for my job and go to work and talk to customers and just be a regular human being and not the exhausted shell of a person I feel like 24/7.

On the bright side, I turned 21 in November! My golden birthday, or more appropriately, my champagne birthday! My friends threw me a surprise brunch party the day before and I was finally able to enjoy margaritas at my favorite restaurant in Cleveland. It was a long time coming, quite honestly. It just feels like a relief to be 21 now.

I also got to go home for the first time since Labor Day, which was something else that I was looking forward to in November. I went home for about five days for Thanksgiving, giving me time to hang out with the family once again. We host Thanksgiving at my family's house, so we packed our usually 50ish people into our house and madness ensued, as per usual. A good madness though, the kind that you would think would be impossible to pull of, yet everything still manages to come together somehow. Thanksgiving was closely followed by binge watching all four new episodes of Gilmore Girls (I won't spoil it yet...but I have to let out my opinions at some point, I just have to!)

I was snapped back to reality for the last few days of the month, back into the school and work routine without so much as a break. Weekends home are always just as busybusybusy as being in Cleveland during the semester, but at least I have better food and Tim Hortons coffee!

What I'm looking forward to in December: 

1. Graduating
2. Graduating
3. Graduating
4. Graduating
5. Graduating

And did I mention graduating? I get to walk across the stage and receive my diploma on December 18th and the word excited is an understatement. I'm so ready.


  1. I'm graduating on the 17th and I'm so beyond ready! These last two weeks of classes and finals week just seems like such a huge and dreadful time keeping me from my diploma haha.


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