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This Moment In Fashion...Culottes

Man, I wore culottes before they were cool...all jokes from my gaucho wearing days aside (#ElementarySchool), we all know and love this style of pants. Deny it all you will, nothing will beat the comfort and ease of a pair of cropped flared pants. They seemed to be everywhere last season and judging by their reappearance on plenty of e-commerce sites, they're here to stay, at least for a little bit. I for one will be soaking up every last bit of the culotte trend I can get. They feel like you're wearing pajamas (and maybe they look like it too, but who cares, right?). Does it get any better than that?

Style them with a collared blouse, a chunky knit, a deconstructed top, or even just a plain t-shirt. While the weather is still somewhat nice, pair them with a pair of strappy open toed chunky heeled pumps and when the fall weather starts to really set in, swap out the sandals for a pair of booties to take the look through the rest of the season.


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