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1. Asking For It by Louise O'Neil How is it that Alice's review of a book reads like it's a book? I will never not be in awe of Alice's writing. And now I really, really want to give this book a read.

2. September Favorites Matte eyes, "This Town" by Niall Horan, and Better Than Sex mascara? #SameGirl

3. My Truth If you haven't sobbed over one of Kelsey's blogs, have you truly lived? Yet another impeccable piece of writing from Miss Barnes.

4. Fashion Bloggers Aren't the Problem If you haven't heard, there was a bit of catty behavior from some editors early last week and rubbed a lot of people (me included) the wrong way...sigh.

5. Skincare Routine Hannah just makes me want drop immense amounts of money on skincare right now. God, these products all sound great.

6. Goals This Semester Same girl, same.

7. 6 Things I Wish I Knew When I Moved Into My First Apartment *makes pages worth of mental notes*

8. Dispatch from Paris: Dior’s Overt Feminist Message, Saint Laurent’s Yves Is Back (But That’s About It) Some interesting tidbits about some shows from Paris Fashion Week.

9. Pink Leopard One of these days I will wear socks with heels and it will be glorious.

10. The Science of a Good Cry I cry a lot, perhaps too much...I digress, I believe in the power of a good cry. It happens. Tears are normal. Let it happen.

11. Fashion Girl, Corporate World: Saks’ Fashion Director Shows Us How to Do “Business Casual” Can I first mention how much I love that first look of that oversized turtleneck with the pleated floral skirt and the furry block heels? Talk about outfit goals. I love the idea of the "runway version" and "commercial version" that Davis-Urman mentions, too.

12. Bright Pink for Fall I'm loving all of the hot pink going on in this post. Loving it!

13. Mule Mania I'm obsessed with my Matisse pointed toe mules and I think I need a thousand more pairs of mules. At least. 

What have you been reading lately?


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