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Haul & Oates | What I Spent My Hard Earned Money On

Well kids, I shopped. I shopped big time. I don't know what possessed me. Well, I do, but I'm going to pretend like I don't and this was just a complete accident caused by a lot of really cute things being in stock today. Yeah, let's go with that...

I took my little cousin around Cleveland today and of course, proceeding a trip to the apple farm, we did what we do best...we paraded around the mall. Beachwood Place is my favorite place on earth, second to Target and Sephora as an entity in general. There were a few things that I wanted to get from Sephora (one of which they still didn't have in stock so I think I'm finally going to have to cave and buy that sucker online...) and I wanted to get a certain type of shirt. Did I find that shirt? Nope. Did I find a bunch of other stuff? Yup.

Not photographed, I did get a few really adorable knits from H&M. They're pretty simple pieces, so I figured photographing a few plain colored sweaters would be a bit dull. I got two cropped sweaters, one in a light dusty rose and the other in an olive green and then a black thicker knit sweater with a mock neck collar. I'm so heart eyes over them it's a bit ridiculous. I have the pink and green sweaters in a mustard yellow that I got last season, so to see them in the store again was a moment that warranted a small internal squeal. Success!

I also picked up a tin hashtag from The Banyan Tree.  My obsession with hashtags is never ceasing and I refuse to stop buying every single oversized hashtag paraphernalia that I can get my unpolished hands on!

The first stop in general, other than a short peruse through Nordstrom, was Sephora. Of course. It's so typical of me to beeline to the motherland. I went in for the Smashbox liquid lipstick in Chill Zone and come out with these goodies, plus an Origins 500-point perk as well as a backup of my Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper. Always have to have one waiting in the wings for my [eyeliner] wings. Ba dum tss.

I picked up the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer, something that I haven't used in about a year. My NARS Laguna bronzer is getting a bit orange for me and I need a bit of a darker contour shade for the fall. Plus, it smells delicious. I finally picked myself up the NARS Train Bleu lip pencil after years of putting it on my Christmas and birthday lists, only to never receive it. I also used my point perks to get an Hourglass primer and this really bizarre Givenchy lipstick that just plain confuses me.

From Lush, I picked up the fresh Cupcake mask as well as the Mask of Magnaminty in hopes that it will at least make me skin look somewhat less horrible.

And last but not least, I can't resist anything Kate Spade. While I certainly wasn't in the market for a new handbag or any leather goods, I finally got my hands on the Eat Cake For Breakfast journal and what better accessory for a journal than some pens? Plus, I got to use my college discount, which makes my degree worth it. Go to college, kids. You'll get fun perks like discounts.

There's still a few more things I want to order online, like that lipstick and maybe from Charlotte Tilbury products, but I am so ridiculously stoked about my purchases, especially those pens, masks and the NARS lip pencil!


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