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1. Should Kim’s Robbery End Her Reality Show? Whether you love or hate the Kardashians, this is a pretty solid read.

2. Pink and Sparkly | #ThePinkLife Am I head over heels in love with this full hot pink skirt? Yep.

3. 3 Ways To Style My Favorite Fall Dress And Boots Okay, but the turtleneck layered over that I right? #LoveIt

4. Fall-ing for Suede Cognac brown is my favorite shade of brown. True story. I adore this neutral color scheme!

5. The Mind-Boggling Consistency of Chanel Fashion lovers, this is an interesting read!

6. Luke's Diner While I definitely disagree with the Logan and Rory wish at the end of the post (#TeamJess), I definitely love this look and Luke's Diner.

7. Jumpsuits: Summer to Fall I love my jumpsuits and while mine aren't suited for the cold weather, I'm definitely on the hunt to find some that I can wear during the fall season because they're the most comfortable and convenient pieces of clothing in my closet.

8. Closet Throwbacks THAT DRESS THOUGH!!!!!!! I love the delicacy of lace with these lace up boots, too. A perfect juxtaposition!

9. Why Do I Make My Life Harder and How Do I Stop? *stares into the camera like I'm in The Office* Psh, I don't do this...nope...definitely not...

What have you been reading lately?


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