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Dragging Blog Posts From 2009

A photo taken at a Jonas Brothers concert from this blogging era. No photos of me from 2009 are ever allowed to be on this blog, unless I am being forced to. Trust me, I'm saving your eyes.
Yes, you read that title correctly. The other night, my roommate and I resurrected our blogs from when were were early teens. I had quite a few blogs before I had this one, all of them equally as embarrassing as the next. Yet, I still soldiered on and now I'm here, quite some years later. What fun would rediscovering my blog from eighth be if I didn't share it seven odd years later? I'd just be withholding extremely embarrassing and mildly humorous content and that would just be unfair. These are some of my favorite excerpts and their corresponding dates, so we can truly track my teenage timeline.

Sunday, January 18, 2009 
Welcoming my guitar (Epiphone) which I've named John Taylor! If you don't know you John Taylor is then you fail at life. Just kidding; just the life that I live in.
It was love at first sight and I knew we'd get along well.
He was adopted into my family yesterday after an hour trip at Guitar Center.
We've been through a lot so far. Like trying to get Hot N Cold and Boys With Girlfriends right (which we've been failing miserably at). Or that cold drive home while he was still in his warm cardboard box. Good times, good times.
 As you can see, my first blog post was all about how I had just gotten my first guitar, which yes, I did name after the guitarist from the Jonas Brothers. I was so excited about this crappy guitar and I was absolutely horrendous at playing. Never really got better, either, despite keeping up with it for around five or six years. At least I have the same bad humor as I used to. Some things never change.

Monday, January 19, 2009 

So right now I'm currently sitting on two desk chairs with my laptop propped on my lap, instant messaging my friend who I'm nicknaming Bran right now. By the way she's sitting at least 10 feet away from me. This shows you that I'm a big nerd. 
She just stole a blanket from my bed. How disrespectful. That's alright though. 
I can almost play Boys With Girlfriends by Meiko. That song is more fun to sing than to play on guitar. :P 
I have basketball practice tonight and I'd really like to play sick today. I find it pointless for me to practice when I hate playing and I won't try anyways. 
Warning, never join sports when your friend says she's going to play then quits on you because it's too hard. Yeah, never again. Last year, hooray.
It appears that my millions of readers were blessed with two posts in a row, each as thrilling as the next. In this post, I believe it was post-sleepover and I probably wanted my friend to leave because I hated having friends stay over. I don't bode well with extended periods of time spent with the same person. Generally, by the next morning after a sleepover, I just wanted to be left alone and nobody every left when I would have wanted them to (ideally, right after they woke up so I could enjoy breakfast alone). I also had clearly lost interest in basketball at that point, but I did manage to play one more year my freshmen year of high school before I finally had to let my inner Troy Bolton go. My salty teenage angst was so boring. Woe is me, I hate the world, blah blah blah.

Saturday, January 24, 2009
basketball is a horrible, horrible sport 
So I had a nice basketball game today. Ha-ha nice my butt.
Two girls on my team fouled out and I was FORCED to get fouls.
I got two today. Now I have three for the whole season.
Whoever thought of contact sports are cruel, cruel people.
And the worst part, we LOST the game so my fouls went for nothing.
I thought that the title of this blog post made it much, much more effective. I mean, I guess I don't even have to explain my deep rooted hatred for contact sports. Twelve-year-old Francesca did that for me! But yes, it's true, I hated getting fouls in basketball games because it always felt like I was being too mean or aggressive. So apparently being bitter and verbally angry at absolutely everything was okay, but oh no, getting fouls was not allowed. I will never understand that logic, but I'm proud of my usage of the all capital letter emphasis on lost. Forever a dramatic typer.

Saturday, February 28, 2009 
I saw the Jonas Brothers 3-D concert movie yesterday.
I thought it was really amazing. I only screamed when necessary (When Kevin, Big Rob, Garbo, Jack, JT, Ryan, Demi or Taylor Swift were on screen)
Back to the 3-D movie.
I felt accomplished when all four of us screamed "JAYLOR" when Joe and Taylor were singing Should've Said No. 
I was the only one out of the people I went with who heard the new song already. It was pretty upsetting. I wanted to smack them upside the head for not listening to it earlier. Kidding, kidding. 
This is pretty much all I can come up with right now.
Oh, looks like I took a month off of blogging! I'm sure my life as an eighth-grader was really hard and stressful. That's the only excuse for a month long gap on a mediocre life update blog. In reality, I probably had absolutely nothing to talk about. I'm fairly certain the only things I did in eighth grade were go to school and hang out with my family. Never really aced that whole "social life" thing.

Anyways, it looks like I went to the Jonas Brothers 3-D concert movie with a few friends when it came out. Did I make my mom drive over half an hour on a Friday night to take me to see a movie of a concert that I saw twice in person (one of which she also drove me two and a half hours to the state fair in Syracuse and had to stay and watch because we had an extra ticket we couldn't get rid of)? Yes, I did. Do I regret it? Absolutely not. That movie was golden. I don't regret my Jonas Brothers phase. Hell, I'm still in it. Not full-fledged, but if they toured again, I would spend a disgusting amount of money on a ticket.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009
I  wanted to text "Stop telling people to scream before I kill you all" or "Don't scream if you think screaming is annoying" or something along those lines. I wish I could remember. 
Jonas Brothers, oh my goodness. Intro= amazing. I danced the whole concert BESIDES When You Look Me In The Eyes, Turn Right and obviously Black Keys/A Little Bit Longer. I can never get over how rude some people are. Why do people scream after he says he got diagnosed with Diabetes. It's not like he's asking for people to cheer it on. "WOOO DIABETES!" I just don't get that... 
All in all, the concert was totally boss and my favorite so far. Plus, I love that I got the 200 level seats for my first World Tour concert so I could see what's happening. Now I get to go to floor then back to the 200 sections. I'm pretty stoked. 
We left at 11 the next morning. We passed a place who apparently sold "Ho Dogs". Someone needs new lettering... 
BEST PART! We were outside of Syracuse and we're just driving along, jamming to my iPod when finally I just go "Umm...Jessi, does that car have a hand coming out of the trunk?" 
Sure enough, once we get close enough, there was a hand shut into the trunk of a car. We start freaking out and laughing and she was almost crying because she was laughing so much. Finally she just tells me to take a picture. So I take one with my phone then with my digital. 
Then being the stupid person I am, I start tweeting it. 
"Francesca, did you just tweet that?" 
"Yeah. You know, if I see something suspicious I don't report it, I twitpic it."
This post was all about my trip to New Jersey between eighth grade and ninth grade that I took with my cousin Jessi. Shocker, we saw a Jonas Brothers concert. This was the summer of three Jonas Brothers concerts, this Jersey show being the first. Honestly, seeing them in their home state was pretty sick. But this blog post isn't about my love for the Jonases. It's about my FREAKING HORRENDOUS BLOGGING. Like how embarrassing is it that I have this attached to my name somewhere in the world? And yet, it's still up, because as embarrassing as it is, it's too damn funny to erase forever.

Friday, August 28, 2009 
Once upon a time there were two girls, Heather and Francesca, who wanted to see the Jonas Brothers in concert again. They ventured to Cleveland, Ohio to pursue their dreams of seeing them on the World Tour. There were a few bumps in the road---examples: Getting the wrong memory card, taping the package back together, returning it, spending 5 minutes looking for a worker, then finding out it needed a memory stick, getting the memory stick, leaving Office Max. We spent the next half an hour finishing off our signature chocolate chip muffins and Iced Capps from Tim Horton's. (Explanation: Last year after one of the Burning Up tour concerts, we went to Tim Horton's, got the same thing, then while I was doing cartwheels and asking Heather to flip me two snotty girls wearing ugly homemade t-shirts glared at us. Suck it!) 
Near the end, after Heather and I stupidly got dessert, Year 3000 comes on the radio so we start singing into our spoons. Then a man sitting at a table diagonal from his freaking hits his head on the light fixture and I just burst into fits of laughter. I couldn't help myself; it was too goddamn funny. 
This was the last post that I made on that abandoned blog all about, you guessed it, another Jonas Brothers concert. It was my first time to Cleveland (one of many for concerts), which is hilarious because now here I am, living here...I digress, I don't even know what to say about these posts anymore. I feel like they speak for themselves. But I felt compelled to include the part about the man hitting his head on the overhead light at the table because it's something that I still think about today and it always makes me burst into laughter. Hell, I laughed reading this post again so I could copy it. I'm giggling now. What a guy...

So, I'm clearly a natural blogger. All jokes aside, this was a hilarious trip through time and as horrendous and random these posts were, it's funny to see where I started off as a "blogger" and where I am now. I solemnly swear that I will not talk about the Jonas Bro–oh who am I kidding. I'm a fangirl for life.


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