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Fall Skincare Routine (Featuring Clarisonic Mia 2)

My skin is a popular topic of conversation on this blog. It's been a struggle of mine since I was around twelve or thirteen and I am still dealing with it over seven years later. I've tried everything under the sun to try to get my skin under control, but the problem areas tend to come and go in phases and flare up as they please, as if it starts to become immune to the products I use as time progresses. Such is life.

The Clarisonic has always been a product on my mind, since I was around that age. I used to see it in commercials and magazines and was fascinated by the concept of a facial cleansing brush. I don't know what stopped me, whether it was fear of trying something new or fear of the potential failure of another skincare regime with my tough to treat skin. I feel super fortunate that I was lucky enough to be sent this set to test out!

Clarisonic invented the famous sonic cleansing brush on 2004, selling over 15 million since its inception. They're the #1 most recommended skin cleansing devices by US dermatologists and are used amongst cosmetic surgeons and prestigious retailers as well as by dermatologists and in spas. The aim of the Clarisonic brushes is to transform skin (not to exfoliate). It's gentle enough on the skin to be used twice a day and cleans six times better than just using your hands (which, I can attest to because let me tell you...the first time I saw my previously white brush head after I had already washed my face with a warm wash cloth...yikes #AllTheMakeup).

The Clarisonic Deep Pore Mia 2 set comes with the actual Mia 2 device, a Deep Pore Daily cleanser, Deep Pore Detoxifying Clay Mask and a Deep Pore Brush head. The Mia 2 has two types of speeds that suit multiple skin types, whether you have sensitive or more durable skin. The Deep Pore products specialize in removing impurities, controlling oil production on the face and minimizing enlarged pores. The path to smoother, cleaner and softer skin is only 60 seconds away!

I started using my Clarisonic Mia 2 over a month ago because I wanted to use it for as long as possible before I talked about it. With my skin, talking about anything immediately never bodes well for me. It took me a few uses (and advice from my roommate who also has a Clarisonic) to really get the process down, but now I'm sad when I don't use it. There are some mornings where I just wake up too early to use it because I don't want to wake up my roommates and I dread using just a plain wash cloth now. My skin always feels better after I use the Clarisonic brush over the traditional wet wash cloth.

I use mine at least once a day, if not two times. I wet the brush head first and apply small dollop of the facial cleanser on the center of the brush before I turn it on. I start with my forehead and work that area for the first 20 second interval. Then, I move down to my nose and chin for the second 20 second interval, making sure to hit the sides of my nose where I notice my pores are larger than elsewhere. For the last two 10 second intervals, I focus on my cheeks, usually closer to the tops of my cheeks (but not too close to my eyes!). I think this is the recommended order, but I think that if you need to focus on other areas more than others, there's nothing wrong with a little extra attention!

Despite this kit including the Deep Pore set, I've noticed a small difference with my acne, too. It's still there, don't get me wrong, but I also wasn't planning on having it disappear when the idea of the Deep Pore set being to revitalize and smooth skin, which it did. It did it so well! I think the combination of this and my Lush Cupcake face mask have really made my skin smooth and reduced the oil immensely. Remember how I used to not be able to wear my makeup throughout the whole day because it would get too oily and break apart by the end of the day? Gone are the days of reapplying my entire face of makeup before going anywhere at night after a day at work!

Aside from the few patches of acne that still remain on my face, the rest of my skin feels so smooth. I've noticed a dramatic different with the feeling of my skin as well as the appearance of my pores. Since I do have pretty oily skin, I feel like my pores just looked so magnified and massive on the center of my face, mostly on my nose and I imagine the cheek area will soon follow. I'm only on week four or five of the Clarisonic process, so there's still time for more results to show as I continue to use the brush.

I'm really curious about the acne specific brush head that Clarisonic offers, so I wouldn't be surprised if I picked up that head to see what it would do for my skin when it's specifically targeting acne prone skin. I'm definitely going to continue using my Mia 2 for deep cleansing because, well, I just love the way my skin looks and feels right now. Sure, there's little red bumps from my pesky acne, but it's smooth to the touch, my oily pores are kept at bay and aren't as visible as the day goes on and my makeup inevitably starts to wear off, and my skin looks like it has a little pep in its step left. This time of year tends to dry out and suck the life out of my skin, so it's nice to wake up not looking totally devoid of life and color.

The inner teenager in me is low key (okay, high key) really excited that the Clarisonic is working for me and has been working for a consistent five weeks. I don't remember the last time something has this long of a lasting power and effect on my skin, so this is clearly something to celebrate. I'll keep up with discussing my skin through my Clarisonic journey. I really want to try out that acne brush head and I've also been recommended to try out the cashmere brush head, so who knows, maybe those will be added to my collection for a trifecta of pretty skin. I'm just going to be continue to be amazed and slightly grossed out by how much makeup and dirt is left on my face, even after an initial wash in the shower. How have I gone this long without realizing how much dirt from the day was still on my face when I went to sleep? It makes me cringe and shudder! Gone are the days of lingering dirt and grime! Hasta la vista!

** This post is sponsored by Clarisonic and Her Campus Media. Opinions are my own!**


  1. I've never tried a Clarisonic before but this looks so cool! Definitely helps that strange seasonal skin shift.

    1. The brush feels a little weird at first, but after a few uses washing your face becomes like...weirdly fun and satisfying! Very grateful that it's keeping my skin nice and vibrant. There's only so much makeup can do..hehehe. Thanks for reading, girl! <3

  2. Hi Francessca,
    Isnt mia 2 great ! I love it too .
    Thanks for sharing your experience , Looking forward to your next one .


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