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Top 5 Holy Grail Makeup Products

I've been into makeup for about five or six years now. I think I started getting really into Sephora brands and the Youtube beauty community and delving into products of that nature around my junior year of high school, if I'm correct. Who knows the actual timeline. It's been quite a few years and I'm still sucked into the beauty world, more than ever now if anything.

Throughout my years of loving makeup, I've tested and come across more products than I can name. I have more lipsticks than any human being should own (aside from like, makeup artists, I guess). My blush drawer is getting there, honestly. I don't need the eight eyeshadow palettes I have scattered throughout my collection. But regardless of what I need, I still buy, buy, buy and test out new products when I can because it's something I enjoy.

Out of all of the products I've tried over the years, there are definitely some standout products. Some are newly discovered products within the last year or so, some have been my favorite since I started playing around with makeup. I have my staple products, sure, but these are the products that when they run out, I've gotten upset (or, if it hasn't happened yet, I will get upset) and had to immediately repurchase.

1. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette

This is a product I almost didn't want to love. I mean, I did considering when I first bought it last August I paid a pretty penny for it. This has been a game changing setting powder for me. My skin isn't as oily as it used to be and I found that mattifying powders, while long-lasting, just made my dry patches stand out for an over all not cute look. I also grew out of my obsession with flat, super matte skin. I like dimensions, I like some glow on my cheekbones! This palette sets my makeup so it doesn't budge, but it also doesn't take away all of the dimensions from my face. It sort of blurs out my pores and imperfections (obviously not totally, as I have pretty horrible skin and very few things can cover that up) and just gives an overall soft, light glow to my face. It's not glittery, it's like as if you're applying highlighters all over your skin. It's just the perfect finish to any makeup look and I actually had to repurchase it a few weeks ago because my original palette ran out. Sigh. I'm a slave to you, Hourglass palette.

2. Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel

Who was I before I cared about my eyebrows? Genuinely, I want to know. I've had the same eyebrow shape, color and thickness for god knows how long. I wasn't allowed to heavily pluck. I never lightened my brows when I lightened my hair. I've always had my natural arch and I've barely fussed with them, aside from tugging away a few pesky stray hairs here and there on my brow. They can be a bit unruly and I used to try to set them (before I started to slightly fill them in when I got to college) with a clear brow gel, which was really just that clear mascara from Maybelline. I was not a fan of that one and I never really tried to set them after that. But, as always, I was mega-influenced by the Youtubers I was watching at the time that kept recommending and using the Anastasia brow products.  Shortly thereafter, I popped into Sephora (or perhaps it was Ulta the first time I bought's been so long and I've repurchased quite a few times since), grabbed my Espresso shade and haven't looked back since. It's the perfect finish to your brow look to ensure that it stays in place, but it's also amazing if you just want to add some tint to your brows for a really low maintenance look. If I know I'm not doing anything majorly important but I want a little something done to my brows, I never hesitate to reach for this. It adds the perfect amount of color and locks in your shape.

3. Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

What more can I say about this liquid liner that I haven't said before? I can't live without it. Despite me enjoying the Stila liner at the moment, I will never be able to give up this one. I can't. Nothing is as precise as this. I cannot get the wing I get with the Tattoo Liner with anything else. I can get close, but close isn't close enough when the wing isn't sharp enough to harm someone. I'm joking, I'm joking.

4. NARS Dragon Girl 

This product should be nicknamed The Only Red Lipstick That Matters. If all of my lipsticks had to disappear and only one was left in my drawer, I would hope and pray that it was this color. It is easily my favorite lipstick color that I own and have ever tried and I don't forsee that changing ever. You cannot get better than it. It's extremely matte, it's long-wearing, it's easily to apply and the tube lasts you. The color is this incredible blue-based red that is just to bright and vibrant and come on, Taylor Swift loves it. What more convincing would one need?

5. Urban Decay Naked Palette

This is one of the oldest makeup products in my collection and I know I probably shouldn't have it anymore but my eyes are still functioning so I think I'm fine. I got this as a Confirmation gift from my parents and was (and still am) obsessed with it. I love neutral eyeshadows and this palette was just the palette of my dreams when I was a teenager. I thought I was so cool, know, as one would. I just loved all of the shades in it and even if I was god awful at applying eyeshadow, I would pretend with my horrible brushes (that I also still have because I'm the worst) and just make do with what I knew. I still use this palette to this day and will never give up the Naked, Sin, Buck or Sidecar. NEVER!

What are some of your holy grail makeup products?


  1. I've always wanted to try Anastasia eyebrows. Glad you shared this. It convinced me to purchase it.

    Oh Dear Bumblebees


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