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1. NYC: Tiny's I missed my friends' brunch day yesterday because of work, so I'm just getting a serious dose of brunch and NYC FOMO with this...

2. Street Style Feels Authentic Again An interesting literal read about the authenticity of street style. Perfect timing for the swarms of photographers outside of venues at the various global fashion weeks!

3. On Cultural Appropriation, Racism and Fashion’s Blind Spots The day of Marc's show, I was extremely busy and didn't have time to check it until much later in the day. Three people texted me before I got a chance to look at photos and were all along the same line: yikes. And yikes indeed. I think this article pretty much sums up my thoughts in much nicer words.

4. Braless trend: get daring, and try an outfit with no bra I'm really not joking when I say that I haven't worn a bra (see: a bra with underwire, I do still wear my bralettes) since 2015. I will go braless or at least wear a bralette every chance I get. To work, to class, to the mall, doesn't matter. But once you go braless, you'll never go back!

5. These Bloody Shoes!!! I have a soft spot for the Miu Miu lace up ballet flats. And with this gingham bow? Mega heart eyes!

6. Have Fashion Shows Become Fashion Week-Basic? I found this line particularly interesting: "Also…it’s ALWAYS fashion week on the Internet if you want it to be." From start to finish, I thought this post raised a lot of really amazing points. Give it a read, fashion friends!

7. How to Get a Head Start on Next Season Before You Accidentally Buy Into the ’90s Again I refuse to allow the idea that turtlenecks are dead to seep into my head, nor will I truly let the 90s slip away from my sartorial choices, but this post gives some great suggestions!

8. Rachel Roy Shares Her Productivity Tips I'm always inspired by other women and their routines. Love this!

9. Glossier I'm still plotting and planning my next Glossier order, but I'll take the opportunity to say one again how much I love my Glossier lipsticks.

10. 101 Items You Should Get Rid of Right Now The inner hoarder in me didn't want to read this list, but the inner girl who wants to move to a tiny little NYC apartment knows that she needs to study this list to a T. Sigh.

11. Style For Every State Gah, the Chicago skyline will always get me...Love the idea of our hometowns inspiring our style, even when we think that it might not have anything to do with it.

12.  70s Quilted Amazingness When will I ever be this cool?

12. NARS Rigel Hannah is my eyeshadow connoisseur, the one person I know I can trust with great suggestions (you too, Aly. I could never forget my original personal makeup advice giver). I should get one of these shadows one of these days...

What have you been reading lately?


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