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This Moment In Fashion...Patchwork Jeans

Relaxed fit, skinny name it. Patchwork denim is a thing and I'm still on the hunt for the perfect pair for me. Jeans are tough because they require an actual trying on process that I just don't have the patience for. With a weird hip to thigh to the rest of my leg ratio...sizing is tough. But, I digress, this post is not about the struggle find denim to fit, but rather the crazy cool new denim trend that I'm seeing all over retailers. What's up with me digging denim lately? I've been loving the new frayed hem trend, too. Who have I become? A denim enthusiast? I cringe at the thought.

Patchwork feels nostalgic for some reason. There's something that just makes it feel like...juvenescence. It's a different type of deconstructed that just straight up distressing and holes down the entire length of the pants. It makes it a little edgy and a little toned down. It can be more of a statement when there's a dramatic color difference between the denim used to make the patches (or rather, the fabric, as seen in some of the pairs I've found).


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