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1. London Fashion Week: Up Close and Personal I'm loving these small details!

2. NYFW: Backstage Beauty at Tracy Reese with Mary Kay I've always been fascinated with backstage and behind the scenes action!

3. Autumnal Reds Hannah, of course, rocks this darn red eyeshadow like nobody's business. I love.

4. Off Duty When will I ever look this cool in leggings, slip-ons, and a sweatshirt? The answer is NEVER, but Carly rocks the crap out of it.

5. Miuccia Prada is the Most Important Designer in Fashion Sums up my adoration and fascination for Prada.

6. How to Style Oversize Shirts for Fall 2016 Ugh, YES. I love oversized everything, especially blouses like this.

7. Why Does Hillary Clinton Have to Be Funny? I'm not much for politics, but this was an interesting read!

8. NY Closets: Simone Nemirovsky I would wear ALL OF THESE.

9. Always Buy the Dress I must agree with this logic...

10. How to Turn Around a Bad Day This is so, so important! There's nothing wrong with having bad days, but it's always worth a try to turn them around.

11. Gucci Is Still Worth Investing In (If You Were Wondering) Recently, Gucci has just been doing it for me lately. Mega heart-eyes over this.

12. 10 Target Buys To Prep Your Home For Fall God, I love that bar cart. I have no need for it...but I want it. I want it so bad.

13. Hey, It’s Leandra: What I Wore Every Day of NYFW Leandra is honestly GOALS.

What have you been reading lately?


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